Hamilton raves about Suzuka circuit

Lewis Hamilton had his first taste of Suzuka today, a track which he admits he has always dreamed of racing on. A lot of this has to do with his great admiration for Ayrton Senna. Hamilton …

02 Oct 2009   |  11:03 am GMT  |  71 comments
Hamilton strolls to win as rivals make mistakes

Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix with a faultless drive from pole position to redeem himself after his last lap crash in Monza. But his task was made easier by key errors made by …

27 Sep 2009   |  3:54 pm GMT  |  145 comments
Hamilton on that Monza crash and Singapore updates

This is a good short video I spotted of Lewis Hamilton talking about his last lap crash at Monza and looking ahead to this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix. I like it for the body language; Hamilton …

24 Sep 2009   |  6:42 pm GMT  |  23 comments
Why Mercedes is moving towards Brawn, away from McLaren

Amid all the furore over the Renault race fixing scandal, this week has seen another important development in shaping the next generation of F1. I posted last week on the news that Mercedes was set to …

19 Sep 2009   |  8:21 am GMT  |  82 comments
Hakkinen and Hamilton act up

This made me laugh. It's Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton in a viral for Johnnie Walker, each making out that the "Pact" - not to drink and drive - was their idea. It's funny because you …

02 Sep 2009   |  10:17 pm GMT  |  26 comments
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