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The final round of the 2018 F1 world championship featured a lot more overtaking than some previous races at Yas Marina Circuit. It brought a win for Lewis Hamilton, who pitted as early as Lap …

28 Nov 2018   |  6:47 am GMT  |  159 comments
Strategy Report

"It's not going to be straightforward to the end, Max" was the message to Max Verstappen from his engineer as he led in Mexico. It applied to every single one of the 20 cars in the …

31 Oct 2018   |  1:26 pm GMT  |  468 comments
Strategy Report

The Americans love their sport as entertainment and Formula 1 served up a superb Grand Prix in Austin that had the perfect blend of virtuoso driving and intriguing strategy. Like the Grand Prix in Monza, …

23 Oct 2018   |  2:41 pm GMT  |  233 comments
Strategy Report

There's a saying among F1 strategists that the faster and more dominant the car, the easier the strategy calls. This is because the margin for error is so large; if you make a mistake the …

09 Oct 2018   |  5:50 pm GMT  |  132 comments
Strategy Report

When things are going for you in Formula 1, they really go for you. There have been many examples this season where race weekends have worked out for Lewis Hamilton and not for Sebastian Vettel. At the …

02 Oct 2018   |  1:45 pm GMT  |  177 comments
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