Strategy Report

There's a saying among F1 strategists that the faster and more dominant the car, the easier the strategy calls. This is because the margin for error is so large; if you make a mistake the …

09 Oct 2018   |  5:50 pm GMT  |  132 comments
Strategy Report

When things are going for you in Formula 1, they really go for you. There have been many examples this season where race weekends have worked out for Lewis Hamilton and not for Sebastian Vettel. At the …

02 Oct 2018   |  1:45 pm GMT  |  177 comments
Strategy Report

As with 2017, Singapore was a potentially decisive race weekend in the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Another race – along with Germany, Hungary and Italy - that should have been won by …

18 Sep 2018   |  11:10 pm GMT  |  337 comments
Strategy Report

This was one of the best Grand Prix races for years, with the right mix of super high speeds, close racing, emotion and strategy intrigue which kept the outcome in doubt until the final laps. That …

04 Sep 2018   |  7:17 am GMT  |  485 comments
Strategy Report

This was an unusual Belgian Grand Prix in many respects from a strategy point of view. Spa is normally up there as one of the toughest races of the season for tyre degradation and we …

29 Aug 2018   |  6:08 am GMT  |  184 comments
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