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A new look: Haas F1 unveil black and gold livery for 2019
Posted By: Editor   |  07 Feb 2019   |  11:55 am GMT  |  146 comments

The Haas F1 team have become the first to display their 2019 challenger, with the American team taking on a revised black and gold livery for this season.

Entering only their fourth season in the sport, Haas F1 have acquired title sponsorship from Rich Energy, an association which has influenced the livery for this year’s car.

In a livery launch event at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) on Pall Mall in London, the team displayed a car which has taken Rich Energy’s branding; a mainly black livery, featuring gold accents. The team’s logo and drivers’ racewear will also follow the black and gold scheme.

The released images show renderings of the 2019 car, which will be unveiled in full at 8am on the first day of preseason testing, the 18th February.

Haas Automation founder and chairman of the Haas F1 team Gene Haas commented that he hoped the new regulations would improve the on-track show and help Haas push further up the grid.

“This is the time of the season when you hope you’ve got designs right and you can be competitive straight away,” said Haas.

“The new car looks distinctive, not only in terms of its colour scheme, but also with the new regulations in play. Hopefully those design changes brought in for 2019 will improve the racing on-track, and more importantly give us a shot at making more of an impact at each Grand Prix.”

Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner added that the team still has areas in which to improve if they are to progress in 2019:

“It’s important that we keep progressing as a team, and this season is no different. Our partnership with Rich Energy is another positive example of moving forward as an organisation. We’re pleased to see their colours on the VF-19, we welcome them as they join our valued partner group in utilising Formula One as a global marketing platform.

“While 2018 delivered our best season to-date, the year showed, sometimes sharply, that we still have areas to improve on as a team. On-track, our push for performance started early with the VF-19, our next step is to get to Spain and utilise our time there wisely to prepare for Australia.”

Rich Energy have been looking to enter Formula One and compete against Red Bull for some time; they were reportedly planning to purchase the Force India F1 team before a judge ruled against their bid on the grounds of funding, and they were believed to have been in talks with McLaren and Williams.

To view the images from the Haas VF-19 livery launch, click the images below:

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Haas F1 Team

What do you think of the new Haas livery? Leave your comments in the section below.

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Rich logo looks almost identical to the Whyte Bicycles logo. This feels like it won’t end well for Haas.


Once the shady Rich deal falls through this will all be moot anyway.


I’ve now come to the conclusion that aping yesteryears livery as seen on the JPS car is a travesty and a glaring example of the lack of creativity. Another example was the Williams livery using the old Martini colour scheme. Yes, it was fine in the day but trying to bring it all back for second lashing is ‘urine weak’. I certainly hope that the other teams, yet to show their hand, haven’t fallen for the same line. Trying to be something that they are most definitely not.


Yep, plus the car shape is simply not pretty enough to compare it to the Lotus 72…


Awesome car Lotus 72 👍


It’s not “aped” Kenneth; it’s a variation on a theme.

I do kind of get your point, but I’d rather have something of excellent quality that’s maybe inspired by something that came before, rather than something that’s competent original, but which just does not work. And the latter seems to often be the case in design and art these days. And also engineering. just look at what they did to the premier single seater category in the world: Instead of continuing the logical philosophy that racing cars should be as light and as agile as possible they gave us the PUs and nearly 3 passengers worth of extra weight. It’s original, I’ll give them that, but is it good design? I think not.


@Luke C…Mimic, copy , do an impression of…all variations of the word ‘aped’. Yes. one could say it’s a variation on a theme but that’s just saying the same thing. Car colours and combinations are virtually infinite. What works for some is a disaster for others. I work in and with abstraction and i talk from experience. You need to keep in mind that we are talking here about visual design representation and not the physicality of the cars…that is an entirely different debate. It’s true of course that the physical size/limitations of the car may in some cases create/dictate different needs for differentiation but that would only be a secondary consideration.


Change of subject. When is somebody (anybody!) going to let us know what the coverage will be on Channel 4 this year. Is it Whisper films? David Coulthard? Steve Jones? We know Lee has left (mores the pity) and Karun has gone to Sky (who will have Jenson). Surely You know what Channel 4 will look like, don’t you James?


There’s be a 2 minute update, only from Silverstone, with DC at the hot dog and candy-floss stand, because they’re not on ppv so not allowed to show the cars on track. Preceeded and followed by 5 minute advert slots of course. 😉


BBC Radio Five live sport extra
Free on the BBC Sounds App or BBC Radio Player.
You can listen live for free live FP1 FP2 FP3 Qualifying and Race (Well the tv licence pays for it I guess) . At least it’s live in audio mode.
With regards to Silverstone (I’m going for the long weekend as it maybe the final GP from there if Liberty don’t do a deal). I hate Liberty all they want to do is have more bloody races in middle East or China! Silverstone has the highest live audience at the circuit, so Liberty are crazy, if they do not give Silverstone a deal.
Regarding Channel 4 live GP from Silverstone, the grid walk extra will probably be live on their 4oD app. Problem is, the 4oD app buffers alot even on WiFi and there is about a 2min delay from an actual live terrestrial channel.
Still think F1 needs to provide a direct link to UK markets instead of Murdoch’s s/crappy Sky channel !
Yep the lost next generation of F1, would definitely be watching other sports and is the negative outcome of ‘F1 behind the paywall. It will be a forgotten and niche sport for a few subscribers.
Cricket has learnt it’s lesson from being solely, on pay per view and now showing matches, on terrestrial channels.
Being clumped behind the paywall will not fill the seats at a stadium as interest decreases.
My big issue now is that the Leeches “CVC” ex owners of F1 have got their claws into Premiership Rugby Union now. Live game tickets have increased already. Up an extra £40-£50 .
CVC will be drive it behind, a pay per view Rugby channel and probably go with a new Sky Channel deal solely for Rugby Prem games.
I know BT has a deal with Rugby premiership but that’s up for review soon and it also shows games on terrestrial channel. This will not last if CVC fully latch on and suck it dry.
Anyhow rant over.


Clarks, actually its an hour ling highlights package for each race, apart from the British GP which is shown live in full. All produced by Whisper films, and all on free to air.


Cheers Tim, if only all the races were live, get the masses to be able to see F1, get new kids and fans into the racing as it was for years. Even if it was just the races, no build up or qually, the F1 championship “free to air” – paid for by TV licences and C4 advertising.

(Some of these 3d launch car renders are so good they could use live gps data, get the tracks from game devs, and broadcast a live simulated race as a substitute!!) 😉


Clarks, those kids can still watch the highlights package for free, and if they like what they see, then make the step up. It would be better if it was the same as when I was that kid (all races and qualifying live and free), but I guess that isn’t how it is done these days in most sports. Worth remembering my Dad’s generation had to wait for written race reports a week after the event!

The simulation isn’t a bad idea, sounds costly though….


So energy drinks are the new cigarettes huh?

I’m not sure one is better than the other…


For McLaren, it seems cigarettes are the new cigarettes 😉


here is an in depth description of how f1 pilots guide their engineers into building their rides


Why don’t you tell us about how Lewis guides his team into not hiring drivers who are are capable of fighting him, and perhaps even beating him.

One would think that the best driver in the world ever, and the most intelligent, would not only have no problems with somebody like Ricciardo joining Merc, but would actually relish it.

It’s bad enough that these PUs have turned f1 into a one team domination, but on top of all that we’re also being denied of a Prost/senna-like rivalry at Mercedes.


Luke, bit of a silly response Isn’t it? You keep banging on about how terrible Valterri is, and how he’s clearly only there as Lewis’ wingman, none of which is true, and now you’ve decided that Lewis bans the team from hiring drivers capable of beating him, which is even more untrue!!

Some facts to remember that you always seem to conveniently forget, and some questions that you never seem to want to answer;

1, Mercedes hired Rosberg for the 2017 and 18 seasons. Do you think Lewis approved this choice?

2, Valterri was hired as he was the best driver available at short notice, Ricciardo, Alonso, Verstappen, Hülkenberg and Vettel were all locked down with other teams. If Merc had wanted a wingman, why not just hire Wehrlein?

3, Bottas was rehired for 2018 after his impressive first season with the team, he won three races and scored 84% of Lewis’ points, this compares well with Rosberg’s efforts in 2014 and 15 of 82% and 84%. Do you think Rosberg was better or worse than Bottas?

4, Esteban Occon was offered a three year deal to drive for Williams starting this year. He turned down their offer as he could only sign a one year deal. Where do you think he is going in 2020?

5, Only one driver of the current bunch can count three world champions amingst his list of team mates. What is his name?


Point 3, Rosberg was better than Bottas, particularly if you include the year where he scored 101% of Lewis’ points 😉


Yeah, but Rosberg wasn’t really that great a racing driver,,was he?

I mean he was never rated even since his karting days. He was known as the meticulous hard worker, but not really super naturally gifted. And yet he managed to beat Lewis on many occasions.


Luke, he won two more titles when Rosberg was there! Don’t forget they DID sign him, but he bailed.


Lewis was miserable when Rosberg was there.

Since Bottas joined he’s had a spring in his step the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. Why end the party by signing another Rosberg, or someone potentially even better than Rosberg?


Clarks, maybe Nico was better, but there doesn’t seem to be much in it really.

P.S in 2016 Nico scored 86.5% of Lewis’ total in races unaffected by reliability…..


There is an interview with Riccardo on the net somewhere where he insinuates that the reason why he was snubbed by Mercedes had something to do with Lewis.

Is it inconceivable to you that Lewis resigned with Merc on the condition that he would be partnered by his trusty wingman, Bottas?

Didn’t Prost sign with Williams for 1993 and 94 on the condition that he would not be partnered by Senna. There is definitely a precedent, so I don’t understand why some people struggle to at least entertain the possibility.



That’s not the one I was referring to. I’ll have a look to see if I can find it again and I’ll post a url.


LukeC, “There is an interview with Ricciardo on the net somewhere where he insinuates that the reason he was snubbed by Mercedes had something to do with Lewis”.

All I can say to that is ‘no there isn’t‘!

Here’s what Dan said to Sky on the subject;

“You’ll have to ask them,” he said. “You never know. There’s an argument for, for sure, and there’s probably an argument to say that they’re two of the best drivers in the world, they’re confident, and they believe they can beat anyone.

“To be honest, I don’t think they would have stopped it. Long story short, I think organisations as big as Ferrari and Mercedes, if they want to do something they’ll do it.

“Seb and Lewis I’m sure have power, but not enough to say ‘guys, you’re not going in this direction.'”

So there we have it Luke, you were happy for Ricciardo to be the voice of authority, so I assume that now he has come out and said that Lewis doesn’t choose his team mates, that you are happy to accept that as a fact?


Lol. Click bait!!


My question is, what type of kompromat does Grosjean have on either Gene or Guenther?

Why is he still driving in 2019 when there are younger, fresher and probably more capable drivers than Romain? He’s had a decade to prove his worth and he has not done anything to convince me that he should still occupy a seat in 2019 when tons of young drivers are waiting for their turn. He was horrible last year.


The variants of this colour scheme is definitely the best true the ages in my opinion. Ferrari is of course a classic although it’s usually destroyed by comercials and logos of the wrong kind, so are most then again but I believe Ferrari suffers the most aesthetically.

The 80-90 McLaren looked good with the logo and colourscheme white/red almost orange but the silver made it look really great. But again commercial logos destroyed most of it.

It’s nice to look ät many US franchises that don’t use advertisment and commercial logos, although they are not prohibited to do so. It’s looks clean and peofessional and beautiful. And they make tons of cash.

Would be nice with an article about the best and worst colourschemes troughout the F1 history.


I’ve heard that Ferrari will debut a matt/ satin type finish this year, which I think will be rather odd.

On the subject of Ferrari; have you seen their ad for the Ferrari Monza, you know the one Inspired by a 50s Mille miglia race car? The remarkable thing about that ad is how much effort they seem to have made to show off the glorious sound of the 6.5 litre v12 that powers it.

It really makes you wonder what Ferrari is doing with these PUs in f1. And it makes you wonder even more what Google is thinking with those white washing machines on wheels it came up with a few years ago.


Luke. The PUs that are smaller capacity turbocharged versions of the previous engines? A bit like Ferrari’s new range of engines?


What new range of engines?

The monza was only released last year, and that has a 6.5 litre v12, like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, yet to be released. I mean who’s going to buy a Ferrari that sounds like a PU? I wouldn’t.


Tim, where are the 3.9 litre turbo v8s in f1.

We can’t even have 2.4 litre v8s any more in f1, for crying out loud.

And also last year the trend at Ferrari continued towards 6.5 litre v12s. Also at Aston Martin the trend continues towards 6.5 litre v12s.


LukeC, the new range of engines fitted to the cars that Ferrari sell in big numbers, the 458 had a naturally aspirated 4.5 litre V8, the 488 has a 3.9 turbo V8. This trend will continue, like it or not.

Tornillo Amarillo

Engine-fire up-videos war: Compare the beautiful graphics from Mercedes (3D Mercedes-stars flying) with the one from Honda.
And the winner of everything is…


So merc had something to hide then 😉


Having tried to discern the details and given up i shall do what most sensible people do and wait until i see the real thing on the track!!


I’m so tired of all this black, white, grey and dark blue cars.

It is so boring to look at. Race cars should feature bright colors like the Ferrari’s, Jordans, Bennetons, Pink force india’s…

When you look at all 20 cars on the grid the last few years it’s just a grey mess with just 4 colorfull cars. Shame


Reminds me of the UOP Shadow from the 70s


instead of smaller teams that goes nowhere, we should have team that build car with motor manufacturer and body manufacturer.


It looks okay, maybe even good. I remember the old days with Lotus and the front of that car was way better. This car’s front looks horrible imo. But again that’s my opinion and as Rich Energy proofs in their statements regarding to take the fight, on track that is, to RB, opinions and statements might be a bit or a lot overweening not to say foolish.


For all those remembering the Lotus, The Grand Tour has done a piece on Jim Clark [S03E05], with a focus on the 1965 year when he took the Tasman series, Formula Two, Touring Car, Indiapolis and F1 crowns.

A nice walk down memory lane.


Good call, try and see it, some amazing cars and a great short film on Jimmy’s natural skills, maintaining cornering momentum, precision and genius.

The Lotus 25, Jim 1963 F1 champ with 7/10 wins, plus the best season ever, Jim’s 1965, where he contested 63!! races:

F1 taking the 3 year old Lotus 25 design to the title where he drove and became untouchable… “if he wasn’t on pole there was a probelm with the car”

Spa, in the wet, gearbox issue, one-handed having to hold gear lever in place. Won the race by 5 minutes!

Silverstone, lost oil pressure so cornering G-forces would blow the engine. Clark managed his lead, switching the car off for coasting the corners at speed, then back on for the straights, to take the win!

Took the F1 title winning Nurburgring, oh, and Championship winners in Tasmin Series, Brit F2, French F2, Touring Cars (3-wheeling the Lotus Cortina) plus the Indy 500!

Classic story how the Indy rulemakers made this upstart take a rookie driving test!

Then Jimmy beat America’s best oval racers by over 2 minutes.

Mechanics said Jimmy could feel something not right at left rear and they’d strip and spot tiny bearing wear. Said they could strip down both car parts and tell which parts came from Jimmy’s car as they were pristene.

F1 wins 25/73 races, 33 poles, 8 GCs (pole, fastest lap, win, lead all laps), amazing percentages in an era of fragile cars and failures costing him further titles.

Fangio quoted at a party “in my opinion Jimmy was the greatest driver ever”

Senna did the ’91 Scottish pilgrimage saying Clark was “my boyhood hero”.

Then of course, sadly both died at their peaks, Jimmy at Hockenheim F2, car spearing off unprotected track sides to the trees at 170mph. He had already won the opening F1 race in ’68 in the Lotus 49.

Great piece, dad would’ve loved it. Look forwards to the museum opening.

Real emotion from his pit crew, a real humble “gentleman and gentle man”.

“Pity he’s not around just now, … it’d be nice to have him.”


Clarks, there was a story floating around somewhere that when the old Fort Dunlop building was being renovated in the nineties, some old F1 tyre wear records were found. Some drivers would wear the fronts more than the rears, others vice versa depending on their driving style. Only Jim Clark wore all four out at the same rate….


Nice one.


I saw that Ashish, good piece. Clark really was some driver.

søren christensen

Looks great – and when looks are great – so should the racer be. Only, I still have my thoughts, if those particular colors and decals will last the whole season…


I like it, the old one was a bit drab. Good to see them getting some sponsorship as well.



Yes, it reminds one of the beautiful Lotus cars of the late 70’s and early – mid 80’s, and look a lot like an old Renault/revamped Lotus scheme…but it is so…boring…

Where are the cars with color, that grab your attention….I fear this Haas will be almost unseen in the midfield…i miss the colorful F1 cars of old. The “Peak” sponsorship looks out of place and tacky, almost like it was an after thought – “hey, whoops, we forgot this sticker” kind of deal..

With Ferrari bits and a half decent chassis, let’s hope they can get up the grid and mix it with the fast lads every now and then…

Then, let’s hope the deal sticks and isn’t just smoke and mirrors.

I can’t wait to see the new Alfa Romeos!!!


Drink RICH and black out doesn’t make sense but what do I know, these marketing guys are really clever

Please don’t give it (RICH) to Grosjean, he’s already hyper enough behind the wheel, a mickey would do fine


That;s one Bad Mother


Ok here’s my 1 pennies worth,…
Black and gold is a lotus livery Renault at a push. This seems to be a bit of cleaver marketing from a company we’ve never seen or heard of. Like the fact the colour scheme is back but not so sure on the execution of the team wearing it.

In recent F1 history black and gold teams don’t seem to last is this an Hass omen ?

Haas are using Ferrari parts, is no one scrutinising the car for a glimpse of Ferrari direction or is this a livery launch only.


Livery launch only.
The car you will see coming out for testing day1 will be the real thing and have many many changes versus what you see here today at the livery reveal.


Parts from Ferrari, Chassis from Dallara, dress from Renault, livery from Lotus: Presenting 2019 Haas.


5th in the championship last year. I guess all those things work.


You missed out “drivers from Inconsistency”


a “nose that fell through the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down”



Kevin Magnussen hopes that 2019 will end “joke fuel saving” and allow the drivers to not drive like grandmas anymore.

Can anyone tell me why the FIA thought that fans of racing would enjoy watching racing drivers drive like grandmas?


FIA is the club of old grandpas and grandmas these days…


same reason they thought these pu sound great.they are beaurocrats not enthusiasts


You’re probably right.

There is no way that this PU and fuel saving idea came from people who understand motor racing.

It was probably half-baked up by a few “geniuses” in the marketing departments at Mercedes and Renault who have probably never even seen a motor race, or even driven a car.

And the FIA let them do what they wanted with the virtue-sugnalling Todt at the helm. And now we’re enjoying the results — or not, as the case may be. The drivers certainly don’t seem to be enjoying it.


Either it’s a new target grupp, elder citizens havning nothing to do or they want to make the sport more exciting and dangerous.

Driving really slow is very dangerous, especially where the speed limit is high or absent all togheter.


Just 14% of the total F1 audience is now under 25 years old.

This trend has gone worse year by year over last years and not boding well at all for the future of F1 if not turned around.


I hope they will be fast. Simple is O.K. Not very imaginative, however, I hope all those black parts we don’t see, will be innovative.

The silver & black American flag – fits in with the graphics.


No! Red, White and Blue. That’s the American Flag!


@Steve W, I guess the silver & black Deep State American flag was meant. Much more powerful than the ol’ Stars and Stripes as a ‘Lot US’ citizens can testify… [get it? but I’m not really one for these things you know]


Slightly underwhelming black livery, reminiscent of the JPS livery of old. Don’t think it’ll look great on the track surrounded by bolder colour schemes but nice work nonetheless.

I wonder what primer they used under the black? Probably red. Really really red with scarlet undertones and a hint of equine in the black? 🤔

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