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Ex-Force India F1 boss Mallya’s extradition approved by UK Home Secretary
Posted By: Editor   |  05 Feb 2019   |  10:41 am GMT  |  49 comments

Former Force India team owner Vijay Mallya will be extradited to India over allegations of fraud totalling around $1bn.

The UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has ordered the extradition of the 63-year-old businessman, whose companies include Kingfisher Beers and formerly Kingfisher Airlines, to face allegations of financial crimes in India.

Following a decision in December to refer a court-ruled extradition to the Home Secretary for approval, the decision has now been made to complete the process.

Mallya currently resides in Hertfordshire after leaving India in 2016, and has previously stated his intention to pay back the debt.

He says that he will take up the option to appeal the decision, something which he has 14 days to submit.

Once one of India’s wealthiest people, Mallya made his fortune in Kingfisher Beers before branching out into cricket and Formula One, where he bought the Spyker team and set up Force India.

Whilst the team flourished in the midfield, his newly-founded airline business, Kingfisher Airlines, was struggling, and their planes were grounded in 2012 after the company’s applications for fresh loans were denied.

Debts which include operating costs and unpaid wages are predicted to exceed $1bn.

He eventually became a figure that was rarely seen in the Formula One paddock, and his attendances would be limited to British-based events, such as Force India’s car launches and the British Grand Prix.

He handed over his director role at Force India to his son Siddarth in May 2018 in order to focus on his ongoing legal issues, but a couple of months later Force India was brought into administration on the Friday before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The administrators then agreed a deal with a consortium led by Lawrence Stroll to buy the team and bring it back out of administration just two weeks later.

The team will race under the Racing Point name in 2019 – with drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll – and their livery launch will take place on 13th February. They have also completed the switch to a new Twitter handle.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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You write

The administrators then agreed a deal with a consortium led by Lawrence Stroll to buy the team and bring it back out of administration just two weeks later.

But this never happened and Stroll started a new company and just bought the assets of the original company. Why do you not make this clear in your article.

I have now seen Liberty’s own press release, autosport and now JAonF1 either lie or hide the facts on this matter. Why?


I do not think that the UK really wants to send Vijay packing to face the music but in a post Brexit world India will be an increasingly important market for us so Its so long and thanks for all the fish to quote the late Douglas Adams.


@ Warley…Why would the Brits want to keep him? His extravagant living on other peoples money is not a good look for any nation. IMO he is a blot. and a large one at that, on the landscape.


I’m not saying we WANT io keep him, just that we would not be not too bothered if he stayed as I think we have more pressing issues than VJ – but the Indians want their pound of flesh. There are many foriegn criminals committing crimes in the UK and we are right to send them packing if we can but I dont think VJ has broken UK laws – within reason anyway and he did provide many good UK jobs for a number of years.


@ warley…That’s not quite what you said originally. Why should the Brits provide a safe sanctuary for this alleged felon? You cite ‘jobs’ as being a positive element. They were at the expense of those who had jobs in India but were not paid as the funds were ‘alleged’ to have been diverted. If he’s innocent then he will be found ‘not guilty’ and he can return to the UK.


After allowing him to flee the country, the Indian govt has been trying to get him back. Hopefully they succeed. Till then Capt Pompous, aka VJ Mallya will lead the good life. He has enough connections in India to ensure that he gets a special cell with a TV, AC & a cell phone, at the very least.

He will probably spend a few months in jail, and then will be let off on bail to lead the good life


If Vijay is trying to settle his debts, then good on him, but why has he not shown progress with settlement before his court date. Making good on debt is very hard from a prison cell, so his appeal against extradition makes sense, but if no effort has been made to pay his airline staff, then bye bye fat bastard.

Racing point F1. . . . . Really!!!
So I’ll stick with Team Strez then.
Can’t wait to see the new Team Strez livery next week.


The number of replies to his tweet that are from supportive Indians is staggering.


court justice tweet 2289 is more important than racing tweet 1244


He may be guilty, he may be innocent, but I for one still believe in a trial and judgement of facts before vilifying anyone. Social media and forums are an impending disaster for justice and I foresee a glut of lawyers claiming trials were biased due to online comments influencing jurys, and that’ll make it unfair on the innocent and on the victims, and give yet more money to lawyers.

The rush to condemn before trial is akin to the old stereotypes of women gossiping over the fence, but way more serious. I for one don’t want to see another poor sod like Christopher Yeates who was splashed all over the news and newspapers as being the prime suspect for a woman’s murder when he was fully innocent. He was “guilty” of looking eccentric, and the real killer was caught and prosecuted afterwards. Shameful that suspects are publicised for no good reason in the UK. As much as I despise Cliff Richard I thought having a news helicopter hovering over his house after the police tipped the BBC off about the raid was scandalous – he has never even been charged remember.

So if after trial Mallay is guilt then fire away, but turn the tables and imagine what you’d feel about keyboard warriors having a pop if you were innocent?


As much as I despise Cliff Richard

Out of interest what on earth has Cliff done to provoke such strong emotions in you? I’m no fan, but despise ?


Have you heard Cliff Richard’s music?



Of course I have heard Cliffs music and, as I said, I’m no fan. But despise? I can’t think offhand of any music that would make me despise the singer.


Mature posting. Thx
Kavanaugh comes to my mind.


Very well said!

We’ll hold you to the same level of objectivity for your racing related posts throughout 2019 😉


Free Vijay, King of Good Times!


Ps. Is it just me or is this site starting to look like it’s waking up from its slumber?

Luke, if you’re reading this, it’s good to see some more articles coming and comments being posted much more quickly. The push has been noticed and appreciated.

Most of us are here because this was THE BEST F1 site by a mile. Content, presentation, info, comments… it kicked the crap out of all other sites. Those who are still here are no doubt hoping that it can return to its former glory. James and his team did such an unsung heroes job.

Luke, I sincerely hope you can find the time to keep this new energy flowing. For me it’s great to see, cheers.


It does depend a lot on the speed with which comments are approved though (hint hint Luke, if you’re listening….)


It does depend a lot on the speed with which comments are approved

It made me smile a couple of weeks back with the ‘weekend debate’ article – no comments passed MOD for almost the entirety of the weekend!


Amazed this has taken so long. It’s hardly a positive look for the international judicial system is it?

About time really. While he’s been living large over here and throwing parties, his business partner has been sat in jail over there.

It’s absolutely fair that he is made accountable for what he has done. It’s not going to go well for him is it?

A victory for humanity maybe? Certainly some justice for all the lives he has affected very negatively indeed.

But then, talking about this in the context of F1 feels a bit double standards while the sport continues to court nations with such terrible human rights issues.

As Homer said to Marge when she was worried about her sister marrying Mr. Burns:

“Don’t worry money, your monies money is all that monies…”


This is historic, right? It is the first time UK has extradited a person to India?

Vijay has become the Forced-out Indian!


A communal riots accused S.V. Patel was extradited in 2016 from the UK to India, so this isn’t a first


So Vijay will be 2nd?

Can’t be first in F1, can’t be first in UK extradition. Perhaps his luck will change with the Indian court? …although they seem quite determined, don’t they?


He isn’t being forced out Sebee.
The man’s been scamming the Indian Banks and Indian Govt Tax office plus the work force he forgot to pay.
Vijay makes Bernie look like a
” Can Do !” Essex Wide Boy Geezer who’ll
” Get you what…get you A Subaru”…
“Can do my Son…but ! Shushhh !”
“no engine though!!” 🤣


Don’t know why but I’ve always like Vijay. You knew it was a candle destined to sputter and go out, but brilliant along the way. Hats off to Force India for their contribution to the pandemonium that is F1!


I don’t know why, but I’ve always had this gut feeling that Vijay is just trying to validate himself by forcing his way into the F1 club. Force…India…ha. Like he really wanted to be Bernie’s friend and knew the quickest way was to throw money at Bernie’s thing. Of course I say this never having met the guy.

As far as F1 goes, he got the job done, didn’t he? His team could not possibly achieve more than it has, so in that respect what can be said about him. But did he use ill got wealth to achieve these results? We’ll find out soon enough. And if that’s what the courts prove, it will certainly invalidate all the achievement, won’t it. It’s amazing how many men fall from grace by doing it the wrong way.


Just to make a POINT…


Maybe a consultant in F1 a few years on from now

If he get’s out of it reasonably intact


Oh Chris…they were just asking about you, and here you return with a glorious “Pat Symonds in an official F1 shirt writing the rule book for the sport” joke.

I love it. +1 for sure!


Thanx Sebee. It’s always nice to be missed, for what ever reasons I might add, although it’s hard to believe my abcence was even noticed.

In my defence though, who could anticipate at what rate updates on this site would ramp up.

I for one can’t keep up.

As for Mallya there’s a shirt being fitted and waiting I presume:)


I don’t think so Chris. I’m sure him and Bernie stay in touch a bit, but Bernie isn’t going to vouch for him or stick his neck out. Bernie can’t even keep himself involved in F1 anymore. Plus Bernie has something related to that German case coming up in London himself this year, right? Little after dinner burp up I’m sure, but it’s burping up.

Vijay doesn’t have the Bernie powers. Some, but not nearly Bernie’s level.

So with Bernie out, Vijay doesn’t have anyone in there really. Liberty couldn’t care less, they have their own issues. Ross took in Pat because he was in a position to do so and they go way back, right? Vijay just doesn’t have that type of pull in there anymore. He’s out really. Not sure if Racing Point will even spot him a pass to 2019 British Grand Prix….if Vijay is in the UK still when it goes down.


Chris, you had us all worried clearing off on holiday like that without a word.


Thank you for your concern Phil. Usually I would not be completely irresponible like that , but it must be weighed against the speed this site vad picked up recently.

I was not extredited though but I went on a trip. Not Maranello I must admit but south over the alps nevetheless. Nice to see I missed a few threads. But we always have winter testing.

Can’t believe I wait for it with a certain anticipation


I think that haircut was the final straw for the Secretary.


His style always reminded me of Lewis Hamilton’s somehow. Anyone think the same, or am I way off here?

Still, there is no beating Michael schumacher’s fashion sense, especially during his formula 3 days when he had a moustache.


His style always reminded me of Lewis Hamilton’s somehow

I know what you mean, but the sort of clothes a fit/trim young man can get away with don’t look quite the same on a 60 something gentleman who’s carrying an extra 3 or 4 stone !


who’s carrying an extra 3 or 4 stone

And the rest!


Luke, moustaches, mullets, socks with sandals…..not everything was better back then!


Bad news for fans of UK retro Cop TV show ‘Endeavour’ who may be shocked to find that for the new series, the eponymous hero appears to have had a surgical implant of Sebastian Vettel’s tache!


I still see moustaches and socks with sandals today, and even the occasional mullet. Plus f1 ain’t as good as it used to be.



Yes, it’s a pain you just have to learn to live with.😀


I still see moustaches and socks with sandals today, and even the occasional mullet

Yeh, but you live in Australia – what do you expect?


One more KRB… 🙂

Perhaps Vijay mistakenly thought he was Bernie? To quote Maroon 5, “He thought he had the moves like Bernie?”

Come on…how Alpha Dog was that play? You get tired of the German court, so you say “I’ll pay you 100M to end this charade”, and the court says: “DEAL! Euros right Mr. Ecclestone?” …”no no no, I’ll give you dollars! (exchange rate is better)” :-).

Say whatever you want, the man is THE MAN!


Oh…it says elsewhere he made an “unconditional offer to pay back the sum.” Elsewhere still it says the offer was to “pay back what he owed.”

I wonder why “the sum” or “what he owed” wasn’t sufficient for the Indian courts? Was the offer for the entire sum, plus costs? OR was it 5 or 10 cents on a dollar kind of an offer? Perhaps they didn’t take kindly to forgiving the fraud and money laundering charges? I bet the unconditional offer was conditional on the charges being dismissed when the debt is paid back.


The gallery down here today is showing no sympathy for the “Poor Vijay”.

Should we feel sorry for the rich guy who had an F1 team for a while or the many who potentially didn’t have money to pay for their family basic needs?

Hey Vijay, if you have the “intention” to pay back the debt, why didn’t you just do it? Why waste all the money to fight the extradition instead of just paying back the debt? Words and actions clearly not in alignment.

Exactly like…”FIA wants to drop the evil DRS”….then the DRS effect is increased by 25-30% for 2019.


Well enjoy your flight Vijay back to India.
It’ll be a long time before you see daylight again.
Probably be able to live on the Michelin tyre round his belly for a few years before he has to have a simpler meal of rice. Boy is he gonna get a check up from the neck up. From living in the lap of luxury in London to having a wash with a cup of water 😁


Let’s be realistic now. He will get sent to India, be tried, found guilty, have a big chunk of his assets taken off him, sentenced to a million billion years in prison, then serve a few months in white collar jail before going back to his life as a millionaire instead of a billioaire.


Some adjustments needed to acclimatize to the new environment indeed:)


Yep 20 to a bed or floor sleeping arrange with en suite open bath and toilet facilities.
Plus on towel between all and the same Bollywood movie on a loop 24/7 plus a manky Orange boiler suit (optional with matching flip flops.

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