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JAonF1 Team-mate Comparisons Part One: Who finished 2018 on top?
Posted By: Editor   |  03 Dec 2018   |  4:16 pm GMT  |  158 comments

Whilst many of the F1 championship battles were concluded before the end of the season, there was still plenty to fight for between team-mates.

Some had secured their Formula One futures earlier in the year, whilst others still had a battle on their hands to prove that they still deserved a place in the sport.

So who managed to round off their campaign with a flourish, and which drivers were left begging for the season to end? Here are the verdicts for the final third of the season, to give us the final JAonF1 team-mate battle results for 2018.


Winning Driver: Stroll

JA on F1 start of season prediction: Stroll

As many predicted, Williams’ season was written off early in order to focus on development of the 2019 car, which they’ll be hoping will be a massive step forward.

Starting at the back for almost every race, Williams had to rely on mixing up their strategies in order to have any chance of claiming shock results. Their only successes came in Azerbaijan and Italy, where the Mercedes power unit helped drag them back into point-scoring contention.

It was in these races where Lance Stroll had the edge, beating team-mate Sergey Sirotkin on the scoreboard by six points to one.

The contest between them, however, was closer than the scores suggest. Sirotkin took the qualifying honours at Williams and performed well at Monaco, where he started five places ahead of his team-mate only to have his point-scoring chance undone by ten-second stop & go penalty for a team error. He drove admirably in Singapore too, but his race was hampered by a reckless Sergio Perez.

Despite knowing the reasons for why Stroll will end up in Force India next season, it’s no less disappointing to see two similarly-matched drivers have such contrasting fortunes for 2019; one will likely be promoted further up the grid, and the other finds himself out of Formula One.

Toro Rosso

Winning Driver: Gasly

JA on F1 start of season prediction: Gasly

In this particular battle, the point-scoring damage was done early, despite the pace difference between Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley reducing as the season progressed.

Gasly’s hefty points finishes in Bahrain, Monaco and Hungary meant that he scored the vast majority of Toro Rosso’s 33 points, and that the young Frenchman was certainly somebody who could take advantage of golden opportunities which fell his way – a good trait to have in Formula One which has ultimately earned him a promotion to Red Bull Racing.

By contrast, Hartley couldn’t take advantage of his impressive qualifying performances in Hungary or Japan, and ended the season with far too many ‘what ifs’ for Toro Rosso to consider keeping him on for another year.


Winning Driver: Leclerc

JA on F1 start of season prediction: Leclerc

The Swiss team are strong candidates for ‘most improved team of 2018′ and transformed themselves from one of the primary Q1 candidates to frequently challenging for double-Q3 results.

Charles Leclerc continued to lead the team in the closing stages of 2018, justifying to many why Ferrari have opted to take a chance on this young charger for next season. He led Sauber’s fight to beat Toro Rosso in the constructors’ championship, and came close to surpassing Force India in the closing stages.

The improved car also brought out better performances from Marcus Ericsson, who took his best-ever Formula One qualifying result with seventh at the Brazilian Grand Prix, an event which saw Sauber’s best team qualifying result since 2012.

Despite not enjoying the same level of success as Leclerc, Ericsson has landed on his feet with an IndyCar drive for 2019 alongside Sauber reserve driver duties, whilst the team have opted for an intriguing driver pairing of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi, who finally gets his first proper chance in Formula One.

Force India

Winning Driver: Perez

JA on F1 start of season prediction: Ocon

Despite Sergio Perez taking the only podium for a team other than Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, the experienced Mexican was under considerable pressure from highly-regarded team-mate Esteban Ocon in 2019.

Ocon looked to be slowly recovering the ground he lost after failing to make the most of Force India’s quick pace in Baku. He scored big points over Perez in Monaco, Austria and Britain, and continued to assert his qualifying advantage.

He would go on to win the qualifying battle 16-5 – including a memorable P3 on Saturday in Belgium – but Perez’s stronger performances on the race days in the final third of the season meant he was the Force India driver to challenge for P7 in the drivers’ championship, and not Ocon.

Without a retirement at his home Grand Prix in Mexico, Perez would’ve scored points in the final six races of the season. He scored sixteen points over that period – bettered only by Sauber’s Charles Leclerc – which went some way to making up for his disastrous Singapore Grand Prix, where he tangled with Ocon on lap one and took out Williams’ Sergey Sirotkin mid-race. Ocon scored four in the same period, but was unfortunate to be disqualified from a further four points in the US Grand Prix due to breaking fuel flow limits.


Leading Driver: Alonso

JA on F1 start of season prediction: Alonso

Many expected that after a tough first season, Stoffel Vandoorne might show more signs of progression in his second full season in Formula One and put more of a challenge on Fernando Alonso in 2018.

However, the advantage held by the two-time champion only increased, and it was one of the most one-sided battles of the year.

He out-qualified Vandoorne in every single event this year, and went on to out-score him by fifty points to twelve, leading McLaren to a somewhat surprising sixth place in the constructors’ championship.

Vandoorne will not be retained at McLaren for 2019, but instead he will compete in Formula E for the Mercedes-affiliated HWA team when season five starts in December, along with securing a role as a simulator driver for the work Mercedes F1 team.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Of the drivers mentioned in the article, who has impressed/disappointed you the most this season? Leave your comments below.

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Fernando Alonso was THE driver of 2018. With a useless car he managed perfect races/points


Please note this error above to be corrected: “the experienced Mexican was under considerable pressure from highly-regarded team-mate Esteban Ocon in 2019” – I think you are referring to the 2018 season, whereas 2019 hasn’t happened yet…


The notes for 2019 are already written. Just a tweak here and there probbly if even that


McLaren & Williams – four miserable cars. Not much fun judging the drivers. Alonso and Stroll beating Vandoorne and Sirotkin respectively, no surprise. Stoffel only showed some nice racing in the very last races, after he knew he’d be replaced. Gives the impression he succumbed to the pressure of having to fight Alonso. It was a huge disappointment to me when at one point he actually said in an interview he was not even interested in a quali win anymore! Nothing more to be said. Sirotkin on the other hand did OK for a first season but he won’t be missed. I wish Sainz and Norris (McLaren) and Russell and Kubicka (Williams) all the best next year. Apart from Alonso the new line-ups should make for better racing.

Sauber and Toro Rosso – both profiting from improved engines. Only Leclerc (Sauber) and Gasly (STR) capitalised on that, no wonder Ericsson and Hartley got their marching orders. It’ll be very interesting to compare Charles and Kimi who are swapping seats. Will Kimi do as well as Charles at Sauber, will Charles make Kimi forget at Ferrari? I’m very curious how Kvyat is going to do at STR; not too thrilled about Albon (STR) and Giovinazzi (Sauber).

(Racing Point) Force India – a year of hotheads clashing. In races in particular, Ocon lacks measure so Perez surprisingly beat him on points. I tend to call it a tie though. Suppose Ocon had amazed and totally crushed Perez – would he still be out of a seat? In any case it’s not good to see the likes of Albon and Giovinazzi in 2019 whereas Ocon will not be racing. Expect Perez to beat Stroll consistently, interspersed with occasional good results for the Canadian.


Part 2 seems to be a Christmas gift, so expect it to be published around that time.


And what is this “worried about Ocon thing that has arisen?” by the way? No offence, I have nothing against the bloke but it’s a thing now. So how did it come about?

He’s not yet achieved much in the sport, still it it appears so. And he might be very talented, but he appears to have very strong backing that will do more for him than most can expect to get.

Does he need to be rescued from the likes of Bottas’ or others who have a lot more experience than him? Who else is there? Stroll I can understand, but it’s understandable that they are going for the continuation of a teams survival and the jobs that go with it than anything else. Albeit a team should be a viable thing to begin with, this is the case now.

There are a few he could be replace with but that’s about it. And I suppose he still wants the Toto support and then he will stay in the Merc orbit to begin with.


Nothing much to comment on here. Waiting for part two 🙂


What about Haas? Those two guys? Did I miss something?


This is part one


This is part two. Just look at the comments.


I can’t really buy the whole Ocon hype, but a lot of people do so let’s not argue. But if Toto can’t find him a seat then it’s a bad sign. He certainly has shown he should have a seat in F1, at least compared whit a few others but it’s always a close call. But should he be in a top team? With Toto as co-driver and Ocon as the pilot magic should happen if it’s there.

Williams? What can one say other than the fact that they are last in the standings.

Mclaren? The great lenghts that McLaren were prepared to go for their hero is a story in it self. To believe there was a fight as well going on between the drivers could be hard to believe, not to say naive. But on the other hand Stoffel may have proved that GP2 or other feeder series might not be a yardstick to measure any kind of talent, neither is the press.

And seventh should be their real position in the standings, albeit probably better than expected unfortunately. Alonso once again showed he can drive a miserable car and brought home some well needed points. But then again they should be hauling in points, just compare with RB and Renault. So what is going on? The car can’t be that bad, can it? The PU sure isn’t. To unravel the complete breakdown at McLaren is probably not feasible at the moment, maybe they find the way to be a stable midfield team next year at least. The will have two drivers that are expected to deliver.

Gasly appears good, had a fairly easy ride, let’s see if Marko hits a home run with this move.

Guess the same can be said at Sauber. Let’s see if Charlie will succeed better than the others that beat Ericsson who must be said upped his game towards the end. Everything appears set up for something like success. But at Ferrari many have tried and most have failed.

Seb might get to be the latest offering to the misty dreams of Maranello success.

But to beat Stoffel


Dr Marko? With that rate of changing drivers he’s bound to get it right at some point. Most of the times he’s not it seams. At least if you look at his own practice, he looks more like a gambler confusing his luck with skills, but keeps betting on a lucky number.

But as said something must turn out right sooner or later, the young driver program has been running for a while now.


The summary for Force India confirms my suspicion that Ocon has been overrated. If he really were WDC material he wouldn’t just have outqualified Perez, he would have outraced him as well. Handily. That he has not done so explains why he was regarded as dispensable. He is clearly a solid midfield driver and deserves a seat, but I think some of the praise for him has been over the top – and that’s before you get to the incident where he took out race leader Verstappen.

He may get the promotion to the full Merc team ahead of Bottas in 2020, but I would expect him to be crushed by Hamilton. Meanwhile, George Russell could well be the new golden boy by then, meaning Ocon’s time may already be past…


He did outrace Perez 10 to 5 he is only behined on points because of stuff like US DSQ where he lost 4 points and perez gained 6 because Kmag also had a DSQ , Japan and brazil grid technical grid penalties and the lechanichal DNFS, the question is how would Leclerc done against perez especially with all the mistakes like spinning in the race ? Would he have done better than Ocon ? Probably not and the same goes to Russell.

Ocon has always benn underrated only F1 teams saw how good he is and he never had a Leclerc/Verstappen tyoe of hype until he was about to lose his seat otherwise he is a mega driver with massive potential


I guess now that all the cars are the same,

all we get to yammer on about is the difference in the drivers.


Oh KRB, regarding the fluff you keep spreading that Ferrari are faster car than Mercedes.

If double the Mercedes team wins to Ferrari wins is not enough, or double the poles of Mercedes team to Ferrari poles is not enough, how about those fastest lap?

Which team has the most fastest laps? Oh Mercedes? Double the next team or something like that?

So to summarize – Mercedes has double the wins, poles and fastest laps in 2018 and you’re arguing that they were not the fastest car? Is that your statement KRB?

If so, do you care to perhaps put forth a few examples where that has happened historically in Formula 1? You know, a team who wins most and gets most poles and fastest laps by a long margin is declared as second fastest car?

How about you throw in winning the driver’s championship and constructors championship with most wins and poles by double the next team, and most fastest lap and someone saying they aren’t the fastest car that season – flat out, period.

Now…do you see how silly that statement and argument is? Please – stop repeating what Toto says to Sky, and run it by the critical analysis thought process. You have the benefit on hindsight here too now that 2018 season is over.


Sebee, not sure how any of this is relevant to the team mate comparisons at Sauber, Torro Rosso, Force India, McLaren or Williams, but if you really want to make a comparison about the respective performance of Ferrari and Mercedes, then you need to make a list of the races where each car was faster than the other, wittering on about fastest laps is pointless, but here’s the list if anyone is interested;

Mercedes = 10

Red Bull = 6

Ferrari = 4

Haas = 1.

The inclusion of Haas kinds of points towards this being a useless measure of overall performance doesn’t it Sebee? Really fastest lap goes to whoever had the freshest and softest tyres at the end of the race.


Classic Tim Obfuscation….
Because Haas has one fastest lap, it means that Mercs 10 is not a measure of performance…
Love it!


Lkfe, like I said, fastest lap goes to whoever outs the softest tyre on at the end of the race when the fuel load is low.

There are far more reliable measures of performance over a race weekend that aren’t affected by these type of factors, people who understand these things have used them to ascertain that the Ferrari was quicker than the Mercedes at more circuits than ut was slower this year. If you want to add anything to this discussion, you need to come up with your list of races where you think the Merc was quicker than the Ferrari. If you aren’t going to do that, then this is all a bit pointless isn’t it?

Beliw is a list of people who have tried to dismiss the expert view that the Ferrari was the best car, but have failed miserably to prove it by sharing their lists of Merc tracks, maybe you can be the first to actually answer the question?

Luke C








Clarks, I appreciate the response, but I STILL don’t see your list!!

Biased journalists? People have posted articles from Australian and Italian journalists who have the Ferrari as the fastest car, no how about that list……


“dismiss the expert view”, lol, they can’t be experts when they have an agenda to downplay their advantage or are biased.

Also, that’s a pretty respectable list you have there Tim. 😉

Oh, and with engine power (when not in Q3 party modes), the Ferrari may have been quicker in some ideal conditions, but overall it was obvious the Mercedes was the better car, the better all round package.

Yes, Seb made mistakes but Merc were by far the better car in the most crucial races when they killed off the championship.

They certainly had the better trick wheels.

Ferrari didn’t deliberately give away poles and front rows in their ‘faster’ car, lol…

p.s. The experts that were gobsmacked by how Seb passed Ham at Spa, and the Mercedes PR machine that kept on bleating on about the Ferrari is faster and just drove right past him, all conveniently ignore the slipstream effect and the fact that the Force India-Mercedes cars also slipstreamed and looked like they could have passed Ham and Vet!

The only way the Ferrari is faster than the Merc is if you dropped both, a mile up, from a plane, and Kimi was still in the cockpit…


Classic LKFE can’t see past the end of his nose…

Are you claiming that the Haas fastest lap automatically means that they were the quickest car at that race? Really?

The Red Bull was the fastest car at SIX races this season? Really? Which ones?

Wait, silly me, of course, your “logic” only applies when it suits your agenda. I should have known…

In your hate-filled desperation to bash Mercedes and Lewis at every available opportunity (and many that aren’t even available to anyone of sound mind) you’re simply making yourself look foolish. Even more so than usual.

Look around you. It’s pretty much unanimous from all those in the know (those MUCH better qualified to make informed comments than you or I) that the cars were pretty equal this season and it was the legendary, mistake free performance from Lewis that made the difference.

The quote from Luca Di Montezemolo is the most telling one I’ve heard. But hey, what the hell does he know about F1 or assessment of driver performance huh? Not as much as you clearly.



Lkfe, it wasn’t so long ago that you were still banging the ‘Merc is dominant’ drum! It was on this thread that you decided that Merc’s ten fastest laps were an accurate measure of performance, if you have downgraded your assessment that the Merc and Ferrari were equal, then that’s fine by me, I have the Ferrari as being slightly ahead, but we’re down to detail differences now. Would still like to see your list though…..


Exe, putting aside your trolling at the beginning..(you relly need to get over that one little joke i made), I completely agree with you! The Merc and Ferrari were pretty much equal IMO, and Lewis was most definitely the difference, and Vettel most definitely choked under the pressure….
But that not what Timmy wants us to believe…he wants us to believe (in absolute terms) that the Ferrari was the faster car!
Part of his agenda to atone for the 14-17 whitewash that takes a bit a shine off Lewis’ record breaking career.


No but there was little difference between Ferrari and Mercedes. Driver made that 5% difference.

I believe in that Ferrari Hamilton would have too. I’ve had my eye on him for a while and he is aging like fine wine.


You keep giving too much credit for Mercedes’ work to Lewis, and Toto will decide 2019 is time for Bottas to have the magic engine modes and win the WDC…to prove it’s the car, the whole car and nothing but the car. 🙂


While you continue to give absolutely none to Lewis when so very many people who know a lot more than you do have described it as one of the best seasons by a driver ever.

I know it hurts because your boy both got slapped and did a good job slapping himself but hey, don’t let that get in the way of any of your conspiracies.


@ Sebee…Do you seriously think for one minute that Mercedes are going to allow Bottas to win a WDC?


So did Merc screw the Rosberg thing up?

Rosberg is not a bad driver but I believe Bottas have shown better pace before getting into a Merc than when Rosberg sat down in that superior machine.

Interesting question though


Kenneth, they let Rosberg win one…..


I’m screenshotting that prediction Sebee…..


Ha haa, good work Tim!

Then at the end of the season you can sign in pretending to be someone else (“Sebee Quotes” maybe?) and post:

“Bottas will be allowed to win the 2019 championship due to being given the magic engine modes that he was not allowed previously.

Ps. I drive electric don’t you know?”



Oh no…I didn’t correct my email after replying to BK. No stars!

Hope it doesn’t create drama in this comment area too.


OK. Whatever floats your boat TimW.

You and C63 make a crack team. Screen cap this too. May become a real souvenir when the site finally merges into motirsport.con


Well we will probably get to see some stats that will show you how this was possible. Probably a demonstration, for good measure, how the cars don’t go in circles. Well at least not a perfect one. there are numbers that tells you so however pointless they might be, in pointing out the lack of circularity or roundness in it compared to circles, spheres and other oddities.

Now Toto can make a circle square I think, just by his skills alone as promotor and organizer in the everlasting fight against circles that makes us think otherwise. That makes me believe he he sometimes happens to listen to the tunes of “It’s hip to be square”, a band and song that truly embodies and manifests the virtues of the square.

Unless one possess the depths of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, who really understands the physics and geometry involved in creating such beauty, it’s hard to really get an idea how it’s done. You may even have to revert to mysticism like Pythagorean Numerology as means to provide the answer with a number most preferred. Like say the number 3 witch is as good as any. But how beautiful isn’t that?


Feel free to just copypasta my Vettel mistakes post in response KRB, all copyright rescinded.


Vettel indeed tried to emulate the greats in Ferrari’s past. Unfortunately it all ended up like copypasta

Tornillo Amarillo

I disagree with Perez as a winner…
Ocon improved and destroyed Perez in qualy, Ocon had DNF and accidents for which he cannot be blamed – losing points, and finally, he was hired by a top team (Mercedes) and assured a seat in 2020 (replacing Bottas?).
Perez was not hired by a top team and it seems he never will.
Who could assure now that Perez will drive in 2020?


TA, he hasn’t even come up against your favourite Canadian yet, and you’re already after him!


2020 replacing Bottas. That’s up to Bottas. His weakness is managing tire life but I think he drove better this year than ever but being a go to number 2 can’t be fun.


Who assured OCO a seat for 2020?

Wolff didn‘t say anything that would suggest it is assured.



Not assured by any means but the fact that Toto doesn’t want to cut him adrift indicates that he has some regard for his skills, hence continuing to keep him in the Merc family.

Tornillo Amarillo

Stroll did well in such a bad car this season, but he did not overdrive it either… Save for 1st lap improvements.

Now, what stops Racing Point to let Lance practice qualify runs and setups with an old machine, as they did private tests with Williams before?
Did they buy and old VJ car?


Team mate comparison is a basic one, but we should also compare with other similar car or yearly data.


Fair assessment, on the whole.

It’s a bit of a shame for Sirotkin at Williams. His race pace was a bit weak, but his strong qualifying performances suggest he’s got the potential to improve quite a bit. It was pretty much a toss-up between him and Stroll this year, so it’s a shame to see one driver moving up the grid while the other leaves the grid, probably never to return. Sirotkin had a solid junior record and would continue to do a decent job IMO.

As much as I like Brendon Hartley, he just doesn’t look like an F1 driver to me. His pace got a bit better towards the end, but the struggles with F1’s processes in the early races didn’t bode well. Not a bad driver by any means, but gave Red Bull no compelling reasons to keep him on.

Leclerc was surely one of the stars of the season, so him being top dog at Sauber is no surprise. Ericsson should be applauded for a second strong season in a row, though. Pre-2017, I didn’t think he was good enough to be here. Since then, he’s really upped his game and I think he could do very well in IndyCar.

The Force India battle wasn’t quite the humdinger it was in 2017, but again it was a close fight. I think drivers like Perez and Hulkenberg get underrated purely because they’ve been around a while and haven’t made their way into a top team. By beating up-and-coming teammates this year, both have shown that they are more than mere journeymen and would still be a good option for a top team looking to fill its second seat.

There was no chance of Vandoorne beating Alonso this year, but I was hoping he’d push on from last year and make it a closer fight. If anything, the woeful MCL33 seemed to crush the youngster’s spirit entirely. You can’t excel the way Stoffel did in the junior formulae without being damn good, so here’s hoping he enjoys his soujourn into Formula E and convinces a canny team to pick him up for 2020.


Stroll vs Sirotkin
Canadian Wealth vs McRussian Dodgy Money . Stroll wins money wins
Williams song of the Year “Ain’t too proud to Beg Baby💰!”.
Williams on a one way ticket to getting points in 2019… Yep Russell.
Kubica gone mid season. Pointless promotion but money from Polish oil “🎵Ain’t to proud to Beg Williams🎶”💰💰💰💰 Cynical all the way.

Toro Rosso
Gasly yep strong year, but still whines like a teenager whos voice hasnt broken yet. Can see him singing the ☃️The Snownan 🎵walking in the air⛄🎶 for a few more years. Hartley another Dr.Marko surplus to requirements. Will they dump Kyvat mid season and bring back Hartley? then dump him for a jar of Jam ?.
All in Gasly was the favoured “love in” for Dr.Marko. But deserves the accolades. No chance against Max. Gasly will be the “no.2” stamped on his forehead. No more Aussie no.2 drivers. Think Dr.Marko cannot cope with the Aussie Mob after his blood, after the Webber & Redemption Ricci situation.

Leclerc Top Dog and wiped the floor with Ericsson. Good luck to Ericsson.

Force India aka Daddy Stroll bought me a Team.

Perez vs Ocon.
Well Mexico vs France vs Political Team ramblings and VJ Bull crap
and then the buy out for Stroll Jnr. Plan of Action,
Keep the Mexican and dump the French man. Even though the French man is the talent.
Maybe protecting Stroll Jnr from being squished in 2019.
Though in the 2018 season the in-house hate between the young star and old driver early on didn’t help.
Yep Perez gets the top slot.
But next year he will be back of the Bus as Stroll Jnr and and Stroll snr fabricate the ‘switch a roo’ I in favour of Stroll Jnr.

Alonso Top Dog.
Shame about the mess McLaren are in. They need to get rid of everyone in management dump the lot of them. Then stick two fingers at the rich Bahraini mafia. Get back too old school spying nab the top designers who are on gardening leave like Aldo Costa and
Make a car that rocks. Ditch the Yank in charge. Hand a tanker of hydrogenated corn oil popcorn as a leaving present to him and block of butter to slide back across the pond. He has been as useful to Mclaren as Eunuch leaving a deposit at a Sperm Bank. Pointless.


What I would like to know is who won the political battles inside their respective teams!

Hartley and Vandoorne seem to suggest that the playing fields were hardly level. In fact, Vandoorne says there is a gag order on him and he can’t talk about what happened this year but going with Brown’s admission in 2017 that Stoffel didn’t always have the same equipment as Alonso, it is possible that the same could be said for this year. You could also include opportunities and strategies on that caveat.

Sorotkin was my favourite driver in this group. What a feisty driver and showed great defensive skills. He reminded me of another Russian, Petrov, who once frustrated Alonso in Abu Shabi and ultimately, scuppered the Spaniard’s chances of adding a third title to his trophy case in 2010. It’s a shame Sirotkin is out next year.

Ocon, I am just not sold on. Great in quali as the article pointed out but makes too many mistakes or gets involved in costly scuffles on Sundays. I’m not disappointed that he has no ride next year. Leclerc was worthy of being promoted to Ferrari but Ocon to Mercedes can wait. Especially with Russell on Merc’s radar. Russell, in F2, was very consistent on both Saturday and Sunday and has shown great pace and considerably good racecraft, as well. I think Russell will be partnered with Hamilton before Ocon is even considered.


FanF1 that is probably one of the most important keys to evaluate any team or driver.

However I wouldn’t expect anyone to bring it up in this context. F1 is still one of the few institutions in the west that is not secular. There is a belief in something that transcends both politics and the laws of mechanics.

That has now turned into some sort of mysticism I’m afraid. But we’ll take anything if we can’t have real competition I guess. F1 isn’t going to get more level in the near future so what is the alternative?


It’s not really hard to figure out how the playing filed have looked like inside McLaren and their so called team mate battle

What is a bit greedy and slightly unrealistic is that they have kept Stoffel at 0 against their star. It’s sounds more like old-fashioned Soviet propaganda than anything else.


Renault giving Alonso a little boost to an old friend would be entirely believable.



Looks like I touched a nerve 🙂


Multiple ID’s confirmed Sebee. Oops…….


What will you do with yourself when Lewis retires? When Mercedes quit after 2020?

If this is what you cling onto in offseason, you’ll lose your mind when Mercedes are gone.



With “all due respect” (not really), you’re a pretty crappy investigator.

You know I contribute on here many times and pretty much since the site was up early on, and I don’t know what you need to get a star with this few year old star system, but I’m think 10 comments? And it’s very easy to make the error because spell check corrects a word in my email on an Apple device only I use and sometimes I don’t bother correcting it when I use that device. You have noticed with your crack investigative logic i hope, that I don’t spell check my stuff a lot of the time.

And to add to your flawed logic, not only is the user name same(but I have misspelled that too a few times), I clearly note it is me and an email error.

More importantly MOD can see the IP is same and is laughing at this exchange.

Although there was a case where there was someone who posted under the user name once or twice, and I pointed it out and MOD deleted it. Just like Random had that issue back a while.

Anyhow…who gives a crap? Let’s say you’re right? What does it matter? Why would “I” do this? What would I achieve? Why wouldn’t I be who I say I am? At least I’m not some Mercedes gorilla advertising dude like you C63.

The site is dying. It will likely roll into a soon. So, enjoy this off season here while you can. The days of JAonF1 are numbered. With 1 out of 7 articles weekly, or rather 1 out of 5 now, it’s not really JAonF1 anyway.

False advertising now, just like PUs being road relevant. Or nutella, with only 13% of the content being nuts while the #1 ingredient is sugar – it should be truthfully called sugarella. This should be truthfully now called James doesn’t even reply to his posts in comments anymore, as I pointed out in his last piece that he wouldn’t.

Is this year 2 years since he sold it or just a year? If 1 year maybe it will crawl along another season? But I wouldn’t bet on it.

…oh…I spell checked my email just for you C63. Do you feel special today?


Actually no, same email typing error happening enough times to earn 1 star confirmed.



“From the outside, you don’t always see everything that goes on behind the scenes, all the politics. I can not reveal everything but you can imagine some things…” – Stoffel Vandoorne prior to the last race of the season.

Brown also confirmed that Alonso got preferrential treatment in terms of equipment in 2017.

You could be right that Renault provided Alonso with a bit more gazpacho in 2018 as a parting gift to their last champion. Maybe someone could confirm like Brown did.


Sebee since when you were demoted to one star? 🙂
By posting conspiracy theories like this one? Or you’ve locked horns with someone inside JAonF1? 🙂


I can’t believe you are biting 😂🤣
I’m twisting your mellow, dude.
Chill. “MI6👤” has declined the mission but “MFI🚪” have accepted as they always have a all year round sale 🤩


What is this BK and C63 investigations?

Wait a minute…B3CK6…does it mean something?

You guys suck at it.

There was a time C63 had different stars. If I recall correctly he claimed he was using different email sign ins on different devices.

By now BK, you should know how emails dictates the user log in here.

Look, I just made my stars disappear by removing one letter from my email! Ooohh..must mean we’re in another dimension! I’m other dimension Sebee now.


Oh dear Sebee
Who were you pretending to be…?
I’ve noticed sometimes a few posters end up with odd stars at times. Assume they’ve forgotten to change every nugget on their IP addresses.
Diddy d for instance jumps from one star to three stars.
C63 great spot.
I guess with some of the old guard leaving in droves. Some posters are splitting their personalities into a number of characters.
I’m expecting Putin and Pol Pot from tiny d
and Potsy from Happy Days next from Sebee. 😁
“Hey !! Wise Guys ! What about Fonzi ?”
“Hey !!!!!😎 Wasnt it Master Myaghi from Karate Kid who took over Arnolds Burger joint in Happy Days?”


Since I typed my email wrong?


With all due respect, that’s nonsense. This site awards stars based on the length of time that a poster has been commenting combined with the number of posts which make it past MOD. The way it recognises the poster is from their email address. For your claim to be true you would have had to have made the exact same mis-type dozens of times. Sorry, no sale.



It means Sebee is posting using more than one identity.


Since I typed my email wrong?

Are the stars back here?


@BK Flamer

A jar of jam!!!! Hahahahaha!



Additionally Claire Williams should stand down.
Give the job to someone with Balls, or if she wants another woman give it to Arnie in that disguise as a woman in Total Recall. Anyone but Claire. She is running Williams into a black hole. Like putting your little finger on a cut jugular. It’ll still leak the Red stuff. Williams are looking like a Albino suffering from macrocytic anemia. Even Casper the ghost looks to have a better iron content than Williams.


Biggest mistake Frank ever made but he is too stubborn to ever admit it


We agree on something scott 🍾
100% agree shocking choice to lead Williams it’s been a total flat line.
I can see McLaren rising from the ashes at some stage.
But Williams are so enclosed trying to protect it as a family firm, that they’ll end up choking on their own barriers of protectionism. Its going to fail rapidly. Claire’s sound bites about how wonderful things are going is very reminiscent of Theresa May. Both are sinking fast. But they don’t know it yet.


Would love to see Ocon next to Lewis in 2020 or whenever Bottas contract runs out.


But why exactly? What has Ocon shown to suggest he’d be an improvement on Bottas? In terms of teammates battles Bottas was clearly and consistently better than Massa, a very quick driver, former championship contender. Ocon was better than Perez only in qualifying, and only in 2018. He lost out to Perez twice in the championship.

And Perez has always been a mediocre qualifier. In terms of average grid place to lost out to Kobayashi (twice), Button, Hulkenberg (three times)! In fact, he only managed to beat one driver in average grid place… Ocon in 2017.

Toto pulled all the strings to hype Ocon up to get him a sit without spending any money on it, but he was found out. McLaren preferred to go with Renault reject Sainz, Renault preferred to pay Ricciardo 30mn a season than take Ocon for free. And the ‘excuses’ offered by Toto? That they didn’t like Ocon’s Mercedes affiliation? Right, because doing a favour to the most influential team on the grid and producer of the best engine is such a bad thing that midfield teams avoid it at all costs…not!

I fear Ocon is done in F1. New drivers will impress, Russell will take over as the Heir at MB, and Ocon will end up in FE like Wehrlein.


Ocon did beat perez in the the races 10 to 5 but was unlucky with DSQ mechanichal grid penalties and mechanical DNFs not to mention that perez gained 15 points in one crazy race and without it he would have been behined ocon regardless of the DSQ and DNFs.

Mclaren signed Sainz because sainz already had the deal when Renault took Riciardo it was just an unfortunate turnout of events and you can’t compare Massa to Perez he was nowhere since 2010


Interesting that Toto tried to get Stoffel ousted from McLaren to make room for Ocon, then latterly signed him to Mercedes (Formula E and F1 sim driver)


No big surprises there.

Williams – Sirotkin was better than most probably expected, it’s hard to say much positive or negative about either driver – no huge mistakes from either, but a couple of points finishes is all it takes to eclipse your team mate’s results in a back marker. Stroll’s done just about enough to earn a midfield seat on merit.

Toro Rosso – Hartley was pretty anonymous all year, and while a lot of it may be down to luck, Gasly took every opportunity presented to him. Looking forward to seeing him in a Red Bull vs Max next year.

Sauber – Ericsson’s been better than the average pay driver, especially in the latter part of the year he put in some good performances. But it’s too little too late, and even on his best days LeClerc usually had him covered. I feel like Leclerc is one of the most promising rookies in a while in my opinion, and I’m looking forward to seeing him fighting against the big guns. I do think he may have been better served by spending another year at Sauber, or swapping to Haas, but hopefully he’ll be able to put in some similarly impressive performances in a Ferrari next year.

Force India – Probably the closest match up on the grid this year, and a lot of it comes down to retirements and incidents. I feel like the team orders later in the year really neutered their performance, with most races ending up with the two of them driving in formation, not allowed to even think about a move on their team mate. Ocon has potential, but needs refinement – he’s faster than Perez most days, but he doesn’t get the job done as often. Perez has become a strong midfield performer, and it’s a shame that he probably won’t get another chance at a top team. He really excels at FI though, and their ambitious strategies usually work well for him.

McLaren – I think the only surprise here is quite how much Alonso beat Vandoorne. It’s difficult to make that car look good though, especially when you’re up against a champion. Again it comes down to who can pull out that bit extra when points are on offer, and Fernando will drag out as much as that car is capable of – even if said car usually ends up stationary on an escape road. Frankly it’s a miracle that Alonso managed to beat the likes of Ocon, Grosjean, and Leclerc who all had better cars than him over the season. Vandoorne might be another victim of a bad car and an exceptional team mate, but I struggle to think of any moments where he showed much promise.


On your point regarding Leclerc the first thing to is that Ferrari has no no influence at all . Gene Haas is not a man to be dictated to and he is very much wants to run his team without excessive political interference. With Kimi going to Sauber Ferrari now are in a no lose situation with the Leclerc . If it does not work out they can always put Kimi back in as a safe/steady pair of hands . We have seen many a driver who hasn’t been given chance in big team get stuck in the malaise of the midfield . To find out how good Leclerc is you must test him against the best By saying Leclerc should spend 2019 at Sauber/Haas are you saying you would have kept Kimi and if so why?


I fully agree Stephen Taylor.


Good post Stephen, agree with you. It’s well known that Kimi was replaced by Leclerc because the people at the top were not convinced Kimi was pushing Seb enough. Given his superb perfomances this season, I am convinced Leclerc will give him a better run for his money. I guess we’ll find out but it’s going to be fun to watch. If Ferrari can make as good an improvement next season as they have this season, it could well be that the title goes to them. I would love it to be Leclerc. Really like the guy and the Jules connection adds a lot of sentimental spice!


I would like thank Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur for the work they done not just because it’s nice to see Sauber actually competing for points regularly on merit and pace but because the fact that this renewed competitiveness which Leclerc has helped demonstrate has persuaded Kimi to stay in F1 . Hopefully Kimi can carry on Leclerc’s good work along with Giovinazzi and not allow the team to stagnate. Good luck at Ferrari Charles and thank you for helping give Kimi a platform on which to build.

James do you think that beating Raikkonen is a realistic target for Giovinazzi next year?


Stephen, I’d be really surprised if Kimi wasn’t demonstrably the better driver at Sauber next year. He kind of has to be really doesn’t he? It wouldn’t be good for him to be beaten by a rookie. Not that Kimi will care too much I don’t think.

But yeah, it has to be Kimi surely?


part 2 Hamilton prediction hamilton


Ahh scott you shot your bolt early .
Couldn’t wait. Assume they are bouncing on your old bed sheet or an old sock now.
Then again maybe that’s a hereditary problem. J🍊ffa


If I was the editor of the AUTOCOURSE annual, I would be seriously tempted to put the Bearded Spaniard in the Top 3 of the annual Top 10 drivers – I might even put him 2nd to Lewis Hamilton! When grading the Top 10 drivers, the AUTOCOURSE editor doesn’t just judge results, its always been about how consistently a driver gets the best out of his machinery week in week out – and himself. It’s as much about effort and enterprise as is it is about results. And that’s why Alonso is a match for Lewis Hamilton and Max.

Actually, if I was AUTOCOURSE editor, I would rank Alonso 3rd this year, because, objectively, he has driven consistently better than Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo – who all benefitted from vastly superior machinery and yet the aforementioned drivers failed to consistently deliver the performances week in week out or where completely overshadowed by their team-mate. Alonso has driven the 2nd slowest cars (at times) this year and yet thanks to his skill and guile McRenault finished 6th in the WCC! This is a remarkable performance from a remarkable driver.

Fernando Alonso is a ferocious competitor, whether it’s a Grand Prix, Le Mans, or a Beard Trimming Contest. He put that McRenault in the WCC table in a position it had no right to be in – but along with Lewis Hamilton and Max he is the most shining talent of the post Schumacher era.


I have Vettel as a better driver than Alonso. 4 titles is much more convincing than 2.

Tornillo Amarillo

6th in WCC because Force India got its points erased, nothing to do with Alonso.
McLaren is by merit P7.


” would rank Alonso 3rd this year, because, objectively, he has driven consistently better than Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo – who all benefitted from vastly superior machinery “

…….add Hamilton to that list as well.

I would without doubt place Alonso as the no. 1 driver of the year


david, just out of interest what would Hamilton have to do for you to put him top of that list…..


Win a title in a McLaren.


Superfast, again?


Win a title in a McLaren.

He did !


Hey Tim, replying here due to the thread limit silliness.

I’d never heard that reliability adjusted points stat for 2016 before. Adds even more fuel to the fire.

Genuinely think he was the most undeserving champion since his father. But I guess he gives all the Lewis bashers a stick to beat him with.

Nice one for the add though!




So says the Alonso fanatic.

Thank goodness that a man more qualified than you will ever be has already spoken.

“With Lewis Hamilton at the wheel I think Ferrari would have won the world championship. I believe that this year Hamilton made the difference, he has had the best season of his career. He is a driver who has his moments of weakness but I certainly believe that this year’s Hamilton in a Ferrari would have won. I don’t say this to belittle Vettel but Hamilton this year has been really extraordinary.” – Luca Di Montezemelo.

Now let’s see that CV of yours.


I would without doubt place Alonso as the no. 1 driver of the year


Yet, despite this magnificence – he still cannot get a competitive drive. Does that not strike you as odd?


For all of his considerable talent he is disruptive. The top three teams don’t want or need that type of grief.
As you should know.



To be honest, I’m struggling with the idea that a driver can be ranked as the #1 driver of the year and yet no one wants him. Wouldn’t that mean he wasn’t the #1?


For all the hype around Max I actually believe Charles Leclerc will do better than Max in the long run- I think he’s more mature than Max and more able to keep a cool head when the going gets tough . I think Ferrari long term have made a superb investment and a better one than RBR.


Ahhh, the seeds of a new generations fighting talk.

Out with the old duffers Kimi and Lewis and in with the new. 😉

Where do you thing the Gasman may fit into the Leclerc Max battle…


If Kimi is still going then no doubt Lewis will be around for another 5-6years. Not exactly old. He will be 3rd oldest . Kimi the Kubica then Lewis then Vettel.
I’d say Redemption Ricci may retire if Renault balls it up. He tried to ask for too much money to drive a Ferrari. That went South pretty sharpish. As reported in Italian Sports papers.
Leclerc Max battle?
I’d say Gasly in a no.2 role.
Gasly will never usurp Max.
Never ever going to happen.
Gasly will know his place.
Reckon once Marko has finished with Gasly, He will be discarded and thrown either back to Toro Rosso or farmed out to do other formats of racing. He is on a hiding to nowhere.
His career like the old V10 Renault engines, it’s already formatted.
Max is King at Red Bull.
Unless Honda makes a misfiring kamikaze of an engine.
Then Max will be driving a Ferrari in 2020. Then Gasly will have to fight it out with Ticktum and Alban. He will loose that fight.
Especially with Schumacher junior having the sea parted for an easy slot in either a Mercedes or a Ferrari in the future.
To coin a Billy Joel term
“Gasly is in a Stoffel state of mind”.


BK Flamer wrote: ‘Kimi the Kubica then Lewis then Vettel.’

Don’t forget Grosjean my friend!


it would be a great marketing coo for Ferrari to sign Ricci . I even stated its a clear goal.
But something went on that is still coming out the nooks of Ferrari, the slow pressers trickling to the Italian papers, must have some pepper, to make Ricci sneeze.
Regarding Vettel if they didn’t listen to him about keeping Kimi. I doubt they listened to him about Ricci. Vettels power play at Ferrari isn’t a premium these days.

Max is a proven racer. Leclerc is still to prove himself in a top team.
Unlike Ricci or Max they have shown their strengths in battle.
So don’t shoot your unleaded Duckhams Hypergrade Oil… just yet, especially when you mention Leclerc in full chubb mode.


Then Max will be driving a Ferrari in 2020.

Why on earth would they need Verstappen if they have Leclerc


He tried to ask for too much money to drive a Ferrari.

Not true! Haven’t you seen the latest on this? Ricc has reported that money was never the issue but that him driving for Ferrari was vetoed by “one” person, either Vettel or Marchionne. I’d say the latter because Marchionne probably had his eyes set on LeClerc even before Dan’s wins in China and Monaco. After Monaco the Italian press were actually exorting Ferrari to sign him.


@Stephen Taylor

Max vs Charles for the title next year is salivating.

I’m not saying that Hamilton and Mercedes nor Vettel in the other Ferrari won’t challenge next year, this is just more of a personal wish I have.

Hopefully, it happens one day.


Good post Gaz. I’d put Alonso joint second with Leclerc. With Max in a close third. And a toss up for who is next between Danny Ric and Seb.


Vandoorne really undersold himself. He didn’t even manage a fluke result to beat Alonso in qualifying. A solid driver I’m sure, but hasn’t shown he’s special enough to warrant more in F1.


Can’t wait to see part II – specifically the Red Bull team-mate comparison.

My prediction: it will produce a battle royal between Ricci and Max fans, and beat the current record for number of comments on this site, as well as the number of moderated comments….

I’ll be getting my popcorn ready 🙂


@ Redline…I see that Marko is already dropping none to subtle hints that Gasly needs to wind it in a bit. I think that the relationship with Marko could become rather testy. IIRC Gasly was being over optimistic earlier on about his drafting into the Red Bull team and Marko had to dampen that down. Verstappen should be all over him at the start however once Gasly realises that the team is geared towards making Verstappen the youngest WDC he will possible react and that should be fun to watch. Personally i’m not a big Gasly fan but he may just turn out to be better than i think he is.


Quite Machiavellian that Marko…!


Well said Kenneth.
Marko is making this, a well greased pathway for Max. Gasly will be told what his role is. Its “no.2” stamped on his forehead and contractually noted in red , deep red and blood red.
They do not want a Ricci or a Webber with minerals in the team anymore. The Dr Marko spin machine cannot cope with the Aussie angry mob tooled up with Pitch Forks and Torches heading his way.
Nothing is equal at Red Bull. The Dutch are where the main money and advertising is geared now. No doubt an Orange livery may be on the horizon.


@ BKF Yes…Marko/Horner have made their bed and now they have to sleep in it. RB are going to need liberal sprinklings of Fairy Dust if they are going to even match Mercedes and Ferrari. That’s not to say that Honda won’t find the pace it’s just that apart from some wild speculation by Marko that they will be challenging for the crown in ’19 no one really knows.

On another issue that Adrian touched on re the reported figures that Ricciado was asking for from Ferrari and that Ricciardo has shot down it was mentioned more than once in reports that that rumour was started by Marko to try and mislead any other interested parties and more or less force Ricciardo into signing again with RB. He failed and he didn’t like it one bit. IMO Marko is a nasty piece of work and he deserves to be taken to the cleaners,…… if that’s possible.


Cleaners may be an impossible task,
Marko probably sits in a soup of Teflon and Asbestos. The only thing that’ll stick to his skin is a towel made from Nylon. That’s with the help of static.
As for Horner I’m sure one day Dr.Marko will shrink him to the size of an ant . Just cause he has his own Shrink Ray and boredom got the better of him.


I think this one will be affected by recency bias. Nobody really remembers the shocker that Verstappen had at the beginning of the year, and it was by most standards a shocker. There was a lot of self-inflicted mistakes which were not present on the other side of the garage. He did finish the season strongly, but we rarely had both Red Bulls working optimally at the same time.

Dan’s reliability record this season – mostly due to factors beyond his control – meant that he couldn’t continue the season the way that he started it. I will say that Dan’s wins also came at a time when the Red Bull was comparatively less competitive…

I can hear the clogs from here.


How far do you want to extend the “beginning of the year”?

If you take the first half of the season, (while Max was indeed making lots of errors) but removing the last four races in Austria, GB, Germany, Hungary because both of them had issues, then reliability aside, it was honours even in the races, they had both finished ahead of each other three times. Looking at the same period (up to the French GP), Max had out qualified Dan by 5 to 1, again only taking into account sessions where neither of them had issues.

Or would you only want to include the races where Daniel did well?

If you remove the reliabilty affected races and qualifying sessions, Max has wiped the floor with Dan, there’s simply no question… unless…

“I can hear the clogs from here” would that be yet another DR fan having a dig at someone’s nationality? Running theme…?


More Ricci fan than Max, but I do believe Max has the upper hand.

Whatever comes naturally from Max, seems to be matched by harder work and dedication from Daniel. If Ricci would have continued staying with RB, his reputation would have been tarnished. Renault was a smart move. Similarly as Vet’s one to Ferrari.


Agree with that AF1, but Max had the upper hand in the back end of 2017 as well…only for Ric to come back and better him in the front end of 2018.
They are easily the two closest matched drivers on the grid, and there is no reason to suspect that it wouldn’t have continued to ebb and flow between them.
The mantle “future world champion” is bestowed on based on subjective potential and hype, but it does tend to then shape the doors that are opened and closed on all drivers.
I don’t recall RB ever giving RIC that handle (anyone?), but definitely Max got the badge very early on, and as a result RIC’s future path was set, despite bettering the future world champion for their first 2 years together.
I’ve been a very harsh critic of Abiteboul in the past and remain hopeful but sceptical. Certainly Renault seem to be making some great recruiting decisions in Prost and the FIA guy, and they seem to have gotten a handle on reliability (in their own chassis and using their own fuel and lube).
I suspect that 2019 will be a two horse race at the front and the gap to the midfield bigger than ever-it will do nothing for promoting interest in the sport.
With any luck the midfield will be very tight between RB, Renault, Haas, and Sauber, and i hope we see some great racing within the camera’s focus.


Why? The results are clear and definite. Not much to say there.




HA! Or it could just produce 11 posts while the doors rattle on their hinges and tumbleweeds roll through. And then maybe another 20 posts that will take two days to appear and by then everyone has moved on…

It’s starting to feel like a bit of a ghost town in here which is very sad.

I hope your prediction is right though!


I’m also looking forward to this time next year. The end of season report for Ferrari could be very interesting! I’d love to see Leclerc take the title!


The Ex

This is in relation to your response to me re the Race Strategy Report which I thank you for. Four things. Firstly, one of the issues many posters on that report were commenting about was whether or not Ricc was given the optimum race strategy and my post to you was in that context. Secondly, I have never suggested that Ricc’s race or season was sabotaged and you know that. Thirdly, I haven’t seen Abiteboul’s comment about Max but his fans on another forum are stating (and playing it up as you would imagine) that he was the best driver on the grid for 2018 not Max being better than Dan. By implication you could deduce the former but I would find it strange that Abiteboul would make such a direct comparison considering that Ricc (Renault’s prized recruit!) will be driving for them next year. Fourthly, I’m not responsible for what people post on here but only for myself. But if you want to go down the path to address fan base bias perhaps you’d like to have a word to aveli about your side of the garage.


Hey mate, Replying here due to the silly thread limit we have.

So it’s confirmed and out there? A very interesting statement from Dan’s new employer. I’m rather surprised he said that to be honest. I’d not be best pleased if I was Dan. I’m sure it will matter little in the long run though.

Cheers for the directions as to where to find it, but Sky are right near the top of my boycott list. I wouldn’t even give them the extra clicks to be honest! I’ll take your word for it.




The Ex

I don’t think Dan would be particularly worried. After all Abiteboul’s selection of young Maxamillian is out of step with the other Team Principals and F1 media sites that I have read.


Re: Abitebouls comments – objectively speaking he’s close to the truth. The only two drivers who could be realistically considered are Lewis and Max. I think his intellectual honesty is laud. It would have been pretty hollow if he’d mentioned Dan, or any other driver…

However, if he’d been a bit more politically savvy he’d have said something like: “Max was the best driver on the grid this year, but we’re confident that if we can give Ricciardo the tools to prove his talents, he will be right up there with the very best next year.”

By the way – I’m assuming this is why Arrivabene abstained – he couldn’t in good conscience say Vettel or Kimi, and didn’t want to undermine his drivers by mentioning another. A bit spineless to be honest. I’m quite sure I know what Marchionne would have said…


Adrian, firstly, hats off to you for having a very different opinion to mine yet remaining respectful. It’s actually a delight to see in here, thank you.

Point 1, I understand what you were saying, but the point I was making was relevant and aimed at someone specific, not yourself of course.

Point 2. Again, absolutely not directed at you. Dan has had a really terrible year of failures. Not his fault, not the teams fault. It’s just been shocking bad luck. I know that, you know that. All good.

Point 3. By all accounts he did say that. Not the best thing for Dan to hear, I’m sure. But maybe it’s designed to get some fire in his belly. Not that he seems to lack that ever.

Point 4. Point taken, absolutely. However… please bear the following in mind as it may give you some insight as to what it might feel like on the other side of the fence. I have never once seen Aveli try to get someone banned, tell people to electrocute themselves, openly wish the drivers others support would die, claim your entire nation is physically deformed, asked if people who agree with each other would like tissues (rather disgusting and certainly uncooth), generally call people names, act like a hate filled xenophobic weirdo, etc. etc.

He’s just massively supportive of his driver and I’d have no problem with someone else doing the same for Dan as long as it’s done with love, not hate.

Point 4 is the key one. It’s that which has driven the backlash against certain posters and sadly they almost ALL support one particular driver. My posts that don’t come across as pleasant are directed entirely at them (hence the replies going to them), becuase they deserve it. Nothing at all in your direction. We’re all good mate.

Hope that’s helped explain a few things fella. Have a good one and I genuinely hope your guy has a MUCH better season next year.


The Ex

Thanks mate, much appreciated! I guess the challenge for all of us is to remain respectful and objective, especially in the face of nonsensical, biased and offensive posts. Easier said than done considering that we are human and have egos which can be reactionary when tested.

Back to Abiteboul. The interview the Max fans are referring to is where Sky Sports F1 asked Maurizio Arrivabene, Otmar Szafnauer, Toto Wolff, Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul as to who was their best driver for 2018. Abiteboul apparently rated Max as his number one driver for the season and interestingly Arrivabene abstained like a true politician. You can access the video of the interview on Sky Sports F1 Twitter Account or off their web site under “videos”. Ted Kravitz was the interviewer. I said “apparently” because I couldn’t open it from Oz. “Not available in your country or location”. There’s a lot of advantages living in one of the most isolated capital cities in the world and this wasn’t one of them. Don’t know if this was the interview you were referring to though.


The Exigency
Agree whole heartedly

“Tumble Weeds and Japanese knot weed”

In homage to the

🏁Ska band The Specials🏁

🎶This place ! is becoming like a ghost town🎵

🎶All the posts are not being updated quickly 🎵

🎶M’sports !! are choking this place
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🎶This place !! is becoming like a ghost
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🎶This Place !!🎵

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🎶Do you remember the good old days on the JAF1 site?🎵

🎶When posts were updated in da boom times🎵

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🎶Them ! were the JAF1 Boom Times🎵

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🤢😱Booogy de boohhhh😱👻🤮



Utter genius as always mate! LOVE that song. And your additions are bang on!

Off to listen to the first two Specials albums. Absolute classics!

Nice one mate!


@TheEx … it is kind of quiet in here, right? I wonder if the usual suspects have switched off, or whether “the editor” is just taking his time approving the comments. This time last year was definitely busier… but the JA was still around then.

Next year… big ask for Leclerc to challenge Vettel! I wouldn’t object too much though if he took the title 🙂 I suspect though that it may be tough for Ferrari to have another competitive year if the Binotto rumours are true though…



Personally, it’s the time it takes for comments to pass MOD which is causing my interest and participation to wane. It often takes more than a day (sometimes 2) for a comment to appear.


@ Redline…Maybe the thread topics are the main reason why the site is suffering.


@Kenneth – I think its a bit of both. The poorer content is a factor, but to be honest that is available elsewhere. I think the quality of the discussions / banter / interactions is (was?) better on this site than most others, At least that’s why it is (was?) my go-to F1 site.


@Redline, honestly mate, I think James is happy to let this site wind down. It’s such a shame. It was without doubt the best place for F1 news and banter by far. Really sad that it has become behind the times on the news and posts take so long to show that the impetus for conversation (or arguments!) is lost. I really wish James would pull it back together but I guess he has more pressing commitments elsewhere.

Yes it’s a huge ask, no doubt at all. But then if you asked me at the time, I’d have said there was no way Daniel could have wiped the floor with him in the RB. Of course maybe there were some mitigating circumstances but we’ll never know. I’d LOVE to see a rematch. I think it would be closer but I still get the feeling Dan would come out on top.

Binotto… my god, they would be CRAZY to let him go, or let him be pushed. There’s certainly something going on in the background and as we know, politics in Ferrari can be very destructive. If it’s true that he and MA are in a full on feud it’s going to be a very difficult relationship to repair.

All I can say is that I hope not. I really want to see Leclerc do well. Of course I’m a Lewis fan but my biggest love in F1 is Ferrari. I just can’t get behind Seb, just like I couldn’t with Schumacher. Leclerc is my boy!

I know it’s only testing, the tyres were different and most likely the setups were very different too, but my god, three tenths up on Seb in his first proper go at it has set it up nicely!


@TheEx… Fully agree that JA will probably let the site wind down. May have been better to just shut it down or migrate it to whatever platform he is associated with now. The drawn out slow death is a bit sad.

Leclercs times are interesting… Not so much the times themselves, but the fact that Ferrari “allowed” him to set a headline time. It will have got Vettels attention for sure.

Whether he will be disheartened, annoyed, or motivated by it is the key question…


part2 rbr Max prediction Max


You are gonna need glasses by the time you finish and a fresh draw of socks 🤧🤣


Have not felt about f1 that way in the hybrid era,quite the opposite in fact


Fair enough scott.
Maybe some photos of Jody Sheckters Wolf WR1 from 1977 get a fresh rise of excitement from you ?
Or the Williams FW26 2004 Montoya beast may up the the suspension on your rear rubbers?


ferrari Kimi prediction Seb


specifically the Red Bull team-mate comparison


I wouldn’t have thought there was much to discuss – Max blew Ricci away! What else is there to say?


First time in three yrs Verstappen has been able to keep it together long enough to beat Ricciardo.
If Rosberg hadn’t retired chances are Hamilton would have would have spent most of this yr on the second step looking up.


Really is that why Rosberg ran off unable to handle the fight back.
JohnH deal with it.
Besides I thought you were busy plastering your room with Leclerc posters and dimming the lights for abit of
Pepe Le Puke 😂



It would appear that Rosberg didn’t share your optimism……


What else is there to say?

Well I suppose it could be said that Danny Ricc had more DNFs than Lewis has had in the previous 5 years. And as aside your constant reminding us that these failures cost Lewis the championship and that Rosberg was an underserved WDC.

But any way of course I’ll admit that Max achieved more than Ricc in the second half of the season. That’s obvious. What’s also fair to say is that Ricc suffered four more engine failures than Max which conservatively translates to a loss of 40 to 50 points (personal and constructor) and arguably 2 podiums. Still not enough to overhaul Max’s points total but put the result in terms of championship points much closer.

I think it was Damon Hill who commented post the last race that continuous DNFs have an adverse effect on the driver (any driver) in the sense that they lose momentum and a loss of confidence because of a concern that the engine is going to pop.

I suppose I could have waited until JA makes the Max and Dan comparison but you asked the question.



Constant? Perhaps that has a different meaning in your neck of the woods.



Constant, regularly, sometimes, occasionally. Contextually what difference does it make? Whenever there were ignorant or biased comments that Lewis failed to win the WDC in ’16 or that Rosberg took him to the cleaners that year there was a collective push back from Lewis’ fans, of which you are one, to remind such posters of the crippling engine failures Lewis suffered that arguably cost him the title. And guess what? I was in total agreement with that and posted accordingly.

By the way the C300 arrives any day now. Not as exotic as the C63 but it will do.


Yet, I seem to recall there was plenty to say when “Rosberg blew Lewis away”….


Is that why he ran off LFKE?
He blew himself a way knowing he couldn’t win following because Lewis would have nailed him.
Rosberg like his Dad played the percentage game. Well that’s one way to win a championship plus derating your car in Spain or parking it in Monaco. Blew or Shrewd sly point totting.


Apologise for getting lettering wrong LKFE🤝 no negativity intended.

Just autocorrect keeps thinking it knows the meaning of life and how to get people’s titles right. How wrong it is. Should never have updated the dam software. Temptational upgrades 🤦‍♂️ ghastly button 👉⭕


When “Rosberg blew Lewis away”:

12 poles for Lewis, 8 for Nico.
10 wins for Lewis, 9 for Nico.
2 retirements for Lewis, 1 for Nico.

Oh and Lewis had one extra podium if I remember correctly. And that’s not taking into account all the other issues Lewis had in practice and qualifying sessions that swings that bias even more in Lewis’s favour. Plus I’ve included ALL the races, not just the ones where they both had no issues…

When Max blew Dan away… a let me be clear, this is ONLY including the races and qualifying sessions where NEITHER of them had issues (removing the terrible reliability factor Dan has had this season) so a more favourable comparison than the Lewis / Nico one above:

Races – Max 8, Dan 3
Qualifying – Max 10, Dan 3
Podiums – Max 7, Dan 3

Any thoughts my under developed ten fingered friend?




Max 15 Dan 5


Max 2 Dan 2


Max 249 Dan 170


Ham 12 Ros 8


Ham 10 Ros 9


Ham 380 Ros 385

‘Rosberg blew Lewis away’ ?

Hmmm, in that case, I think we need a better word to describe what Max did to Dan. What do you reckon?


actually no. Dan had 8 retirements. Hardly a fair comparison.


Well little d, there is a time for everything huh? You are indeed correct. I agree with you (WOW!) it’s not a fair comparison at all. So let’s make it unarguably fair and only inlcude the races and qualifying sessions where neither of them have had issues.

The fair comparison is:

Races – Max 8, Dan 3
Qualifying – Max 10, Dan 3
Podiums – Max 7, Dan 3

Absolute nailed on certainty that it was all down to team sabotage right?


The Exigency
Little Tiny d has never been able to see above the pram bar.
Those traffic lights must look massive when he is on his for big wheel 🤣


The exigency, you should probably also point out that the points totals from 2016 in races unaffected by reliability are,

Hamilton 341

Rosberg 295.



So you’re saying that Dan was harder on his equipment in a forlorn attempt to try and keep up with Max. Seems a bit harsh to me, but I guess there could be something in it – Dan did run off to Renault to try and get out of Max’s shadow after all.



This is the second time you have referred me to a Mark Hughes article about Dan and in fairness to you I have read them both. But Hughes was wrong about Dan joining Ferrari wasn’t he? So he can be wrong again, can’t he?

Do you think Dan’s stock has fallen “significantly” when Renault head hunted hm for 70 Mil which as Prost stated was in excess of what they would normally pay?

In terms of the car build I guess you’re not up to speed with Arbiteboul’s comments that their focus is to give Dan a car to compete for a WDC.

And as far as his match up to Hulk is concerned it should be interesting.


Speculative after all and you know that


Interestingly, Mark Hughes has just written an article where he says the exact same thing. It’s clear the comparative performance [between Max and Dan] was only going to get worse for Dan as Max became further embedded in the team at Red Bull. What else could Dan do? His stock has already fallen significantly and staying put would have seen it fall off the scale altogether. The thing that I find interesting, and am looking forward too next year, is whether Dan can get on top of the Hulk – I would say that ‘s far from a given. Particularly given the different ways that Dan and the Hulk like their cars and the inherent characteristics of the Renault being more suited to the Hulk.

Interesting times ahead for the Ricci supporters – imagine if the Hulk blows Dan away like Max has this year? 🙁


Enjoy the new car 🙂


Dan did run off to Renault to try and get out of Max’s shaddow after all.

Speculative after all and you know that.


First punch has been thrown! Lets see if/how the Ricci corner responds…

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