More eyeballs: Formula E on free-to-air TV for season five
Posted By: Editor   |  15 Nov 2018   |  6:27 am GMT  |  227 comments

Formula E organisers have announced that the all-electric series will be broadcast on the BBC red button service, giving the championship a free-to-air viewing platform.

The series will be broadcast live on the BBC Sport website, BBC iPlayer as well as the red button.

Added to the digital coverage, BBC will test the water by showing one of the Formula E events on their television network (e.g. BBC One, BBC Two), although the exact event is yet to be specified.

The finer details of how the show will be broadcast or whether a presenting team will be involved are yet to be revealed, but FE has its own world feed team, led by Nicki Shields.

The agreement with the BBC runs alongside Formula E’s plan to stream races on YouTube to the UK. This YouTube coverage will be anchored by regular host Laurence McKenna, whilst internet personality Olajide Olatunji, known online as ‘KSI’, will be part of the presenting team for the season opener in Saudi Arabia.

Ali Russell, media and business development director at Formula E, said:

“The ABB FIA Formula E Championship will continue to be broadcast to the masses and across a variety of platforms in the UK.

“What better place to showcase some of the best and most competitive racing than on the BBC.

“We’re fully-charged and ready for the new season on the streets of the most recognisable cities – and this year promises to be more intense and unpredictable than ever.”

Season five will be the first to be shown on BBC, with previous seasons having been covered on ITV4, Channel 5 and Eurosport, showing that whilst Formula E hasn’t yet found a permanent home on British TV, it remains a series that many broadcasters have kept an eye on.

It will also be the first motorsport series to be broadcast on the BBC since it last aired a Formula One race back in 2015.

The coverage of Formula E is stark contrast to Formula One, which will be down to just one free-to-air race on British TV; the 2019 British Grand Prix, shown on Channel Four. A highlights package remains available to non-Sky Sports viewers.

The increase in manufacturer interest has heightened the appeal of the series, with the likes of BMW, Nissan and Porsche among the recent additions. Mercedes will also field a full works entry from season six.

Manufacturers, sponsors and TV networks will also be encouraged by the improved look of the sport; the series will have a radical new chassis and be rid of the car swaps, something which many found too “gimmicky” in it’s fledgling years.

With a host of ex-F1 drivers participating, including Felipe Massa for season five, high-potential junior drivers have started joining the series, such as Felix Rosenqvist, a brief appearance for Pierre Gasly, and Alexander Albon, although the latter could still make a switch to Formula One if Toro Rosso follow-up on their interest.

The thirteen-round season kicks off in Saudi Arabia on 15th December and features races in Hong Kong, Rome, Paris and New York.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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If we want to know the best grid driver, formula e and formula one should have an under race series with the same engine.


What happened to James?


@ BobW….It would appear that since James sold out to Motorsport the site has slowly but surely been sinking. The site actually is a mere shadow of what it once was. It was the very best site for informed comment and robust debate within reason. The topics were interesting and we had the benefit of James frequently responding. All that seems to be lost now and we get no inbox alerts, slow modding which means that posts have no continuity and sometimes there is a gap of up to five days between threads being posted. Couple that with consumer product fluff pieces and the stage is set for mediocrity. It’s a pity really but i suspect that Jame’s expanded management role within Motorsport has meant that he has to manage his time more thoroughly.


He sold up and moved out BobW…. unfortunately 😳


Formula E has nothing to do with motorracing.
It’s more like a glorified video game and as a longtime Ferrari supporter , I hope Ferrari will never participate in it.The only thing you hear is the screeching of the brakes. It’s like watching radio controlled cars go around.
The only thing it has going for it is that they can race in city centers.
If this ever replaces F1 then racing is truly dead and buried !


“Formula E has nothing to do with motorracing”
Interesting and ill advised comment.
I see drivers driving cars prepared by mechanics in teams run by well known managers representing world class motor manufacturers ……to me that is motor racing. It may not be to your liking but for sure you have no right to make that comment.


If FE were the slightest bit exciting or interesting I would watch but it isn’t.

F1 is determined to cut its audience in the UK and many other countries around the world in the forlorn pursuit of money via Sky but that won’t work. The sponsors pay according to the TV exposure they get and thus the extra money F1 makes from Sky will be dented by the reduction in the sponsorship rate card. This, of course, will hit the teams as well as the owners of the series who get all the money from trackside advertising.

Once an audience is gone, it doesn’t come back.


F1 world wide audience took a 7% hit this year because little’ol Italy went to pay TV.

2019 F1 will take kidney shots to world wide TV figures as UK goes to pay TV.

…of course Liberty will count each YouTube 5min review view as 5 and pad the ratings with recap FTA shows on CH4 or where ever it will be to make up for the drop in official reporting. Be on the lookout during 2019 summer break for F1 viewer report. It’s going to be a fun read. Chase is going to have his mustache in full-spin mode!


Watch what happens to to ratings and track attendance when Hamilton retires. It won’t be pretty.


@lukec: tbh i think nothing. Attendents to Silverstone, Yes but otherwise Hamilton is a pretty boring driver to watch these days. Clean, efficiënt, no errors, no spectacle. The best driver but most of the time not much fun to watch. Love to see Verstappen fight with Vettel. Two hot heads. Love to see what Leclerc is capable of in a Ferrari. All the fights in the midfielt. Much more fun then watching Hamilton tbh.


@LukeC You could be right but other (new) fans jump in. Look at the fanbase Verstappen is creating. Only in the Netherlands millions. What happens if Verstappen, Leclerc and Occon can mix in the title fight. New exiting joung drivers. Might even be the reason some Hamilton fans stick around when he retires.


Ham has a massive fanbase, even if he’s rather boring to watch, and once he’s gone a lot of that fanbase will most likely cancel their subscriptions.


Sebee, the ratings you are talking about are the unique viewer numbers or the total number of people who watched at least 15 minutes of any F1 programme. These don’t include any internet views as they are counted separately.


That’s part of my point. With the ratings bound to take a huge hit 2019 due to UK, they will change how they measure things and include web to offset UK hit. You’ll see.

One of top practices of business is to change metrics so things can’t be directly/correctly compared.


Sebee. The UK has effectively been ppv for years, the fta channel four coverage was very limited in the number of full races shown, but they will continue to show highlights.


It still clearly doesn’t cut it with the F1 crowd here and yes I still just see jazzed milk carts but with the big manufacturers jumping on it there will be something.

It might have the appearance of the Emperors New Clothes at the minute but this push is coming so at some point we’ll all have to go – quietly …or kicking’n’screaming ..Progress my son ????


James, do you have any details on why Rob Smedley had to leave Williams, while still want to stay in F1?


may be he’s been offered a job at ferrari..


I would’ve thought that the reason was quite obvious?


He wants to spend more time perfecting his cooking skills?


Actually i’m surprised that Smedley has been given as much time as he has had!. It would appear that Williams really are in ‘;no mans land’ and they have no idea how to resurrect themselves..otherwise they would. With that Mercedes powerhouse sat in the rear they have the creme de la creme of PU’s and even that isn’t enough. What they hope to do in ’19 with a ‘rookie and a once was’ is anyones guess. Senior team members attrition rate has been quite high over the past 5 years or so and that is not how seriously competitive teams evolve. They do deserve a gong though…just for turning up on race day. How they manage to sustain their motivation is beyond me. Surely it must become painful considering that ‘John Bull [ brother of Uncle sam ] has long deoarted,


I think the lack of leadership is to blame. Claire dies not appear to be up to the task. I listened to the Tom Clarkson interview with her and her incoherent, meandering and superficial responses were to be honest difficult to listen to. I think that opens a window on her mind and says a lot about her as a team principal.

Nepotism is seldom the best way to go and this is another one of those examples.


Is there really so little to were about F1? The pinnacle of motorsport.

If one lived in a dictatorship then I would probably start to think they’re hiding something, putting a wet blanket on…well there are no fires or so it seems, or are there?


Not only FE is slow and F1 is saving fuel and tyres

This site have become very resteicted, to use a nicer way of satibg slower and they really save on something.

Where are the golden nuggets, behind the pay wall?

Keep feeding the rabble with the opium at some decent speed at least !

I humbly bow my head and back out of the forum, sire,.

I tip my tin foil hat before I leave just to add one last word or two

It’s all a concpiracy, the whole lot. F1, FE DTM GP2 F3 and all the the possible combinations of two or three letters they might put together

Jest this I will say. This, and jest only this I say it is!





IndyCar…over long time ago.

F1 is the only game in town. I was 99.9% not watching it, but now that I’m in a monopoly situation, maybe I’ll treadmill this one after all. Last chance for a while to see any cars until 2019 Mercedes domination starts.


So let us envisage a post apolcalyptic world where team is at real war with each other to get their hands on the remains of the black gold to fill up their mostercars with v12 v16 you name it, racing though the remains of once was cities and skyscrapers

Just for the fun of it, or world dominans for real:)

Is this the answer, LM what is your masterplan?


Anyone else see that Macau crash? Crazy…


Is it jus me or does Macau have more than its fair share of motorsport deaths and injuries? Is it just fundamentally unsafe to race there?


Good thing she had a halo to save her.


Oh…is Halo taking credit for saving her life here as well?


It definitely would be if f3 cars had the halo. There would be literally hundreds of comments here exalting the virtues of the halo.

The point of the halo is to stop a lawsuit and to look ugly, not save lives.


Never underestimate the effectiveness of the halo. Especially in formula 3.


I did. It’s hard to believe she got away with it relatively unscathed.


@ LukeC…That crash was up there with Webber’s Valencia aerial spectacular!!! She is a very lucky girl to have survived that.and I find it hard to believe that someone can actually survive such a devastating impact.!!


I think what saved her was he fact that she was launched into the debris fence and then subsequently the photographers tower, and those two structures absorbed a lot of the energy. If she had ploughed into the concrete wall the result would have been very different I think.


We should have a formula e and formula one drawing contest. Art body could pop up our eyes.


I think I’m correct in saying that electric race cars are faster now than any other. What they lack is range. So the playing field is moving toward hybrid for added racing range, pure electric for outright speed.

Formula E has done a lot of things well. Their ground effects car is a winning formula for wheel to wheel racing. For so many years we’ve heard talk of F1 moving more toward ground effects but then that hasn’t come to fruition.

What F1 has is the most sophisticated and beautiful aero and engine technology and the worlds very best drivers. I wish they’d simply commit to ground effects and get rid of all these complex wings and winglets.

It would be so great to see the upper body of an F1 car be freed from all design constraints so that every car would be unique but have the underbody and front and back wings highly regulated. Perhaps even standardized.

If they did this then maybe it would level the playing field a bit more for the underfunded teams. The aero game would be confined to getting the most efficient flow of air over the car between the standardized wings.

But we’ll have to wait and see if F1 makes the right moves to unleash the potential talent of their drivers. Right now they seem to have been aero restrained from racing in a manner that they are not in Formula E.


ground effect’s too dangerous for f1.


No, they’re not, if properly done.


@lukec….listen to the closing remarks of the commentator.


watch closely and you will see a mclaren f1 take off over a crest following another car.


what do you mean by properly done? f1 tracks are not flat and even. if two cars follow each other over a crest, a sudden change in air pressure will result in the chasing care to take off like an aeroplane so for ground effect to be safe in f1, all tracks must be redesigned to be flat and even.


All of those accidents happened to flat bottomed cars without ground effects.

Where are all those flying ground effects F1 cars?


this for your enjoyment lukec…..look at how that mclaren takes off over the crest while following another car.


@lukec…can you see that mclaren take off over the crest while following another car? that’s how f1 cars depending on ground effect would behave.


Can you point me to an accident where a leading car caused the following car to take off like an aeroplane during the ground effects era?


F1 used Ground Effects in the late 70s, but it was banned due to safety concerns – if the seal between the road and car is lost, the car spears off the track. It didn’t make it a level playing field.


Even if they couldn’t make fully-fledged ground effects work safely, they could at least try to do something with underbody tunnels to generate more downforce from the floor. Indycar have utilised this concept safely for decades now.

F1, in contrast, has a big, fat piece of wood attached to the floor to ensure that as little of the downforce comes from the floor as possible.


It’s seems quite ludicrous to see a car that is worth mega millions to build and race sporting a ‘ plank’ underneath the car to regulate ride height. NASA tech meets Freddy Flintstone…..


Posting the same thing a a hundred times isn’t going to help your case.

You can still get pretty decent ground effects with shorter side pods, and the cars won’t take off over crests.


i’ll point you in this direction…see how the mclaren takes off while following closely over a crest?


Indeed. They’ve spent over a decade changing wing sizes back and forth, adding and subtracting barge boards and turning vanes, increasing and decreasing downforce percentages on the front and back all to no avail. But they won’t do anything radical to fundamentally change how downforce is generated for some reason. No wonder nothing they’ve done has really worked.


Laughed my socks off watching my first FE race 2 years ago. The car switch which usually took place in a what looked more like a tent than a garage was just too much. But now the cars will finally last the entire distance thanks to battery improvement we’re told. I found that hard to believe. Can you really win races that way? And yessir I was right, you can’t:

“The series will introduce a system dubbed “hyperboost” or “Mario Kart mode” in which drivers will receive an additional 25 kW of power by driving through a designated area of the circuit off the racing line. The duration of the boost mode and the number of boosts available will be decided in advance of a race by the FIA to stop teams from anticipating its use and incorporating it into race strategy.”


Do you think they might introduce paint bombs or giant gum bubbles in the future?


What i’m hoping in the future is that all the road car manufacturers will move to Formula E to promote their new tech.

In the crossover, F1 becomes a series for the independents. With no need to concentrate on road relevant tech, we go back(or forward?) to monster V12s and classic tracks.


Sounds feasible and highly desirable.


Whats the fuss over formula e…………most are f1 rejects racing there

F1 is the pinnacle never forget that.

Every formula e driver would drop there seat if they were offered a f1 seat.


It is their job to race cars.

I don’t dispute that most Formula E drivers would jump at a seat in F1. As would drivers in just about all other series. But there are only a handful available.

Having ex or aspiring F1 drivers (or rejects as you call them) does not devalue Formula E as a series any more than it does Indy Car or Endurance racing.

I agree that F1 is the pinnacle…. at the moment. Formula E has come a long way and will only improve further as battery tech improves. And though I am not really interested in Formula E, and massively passionate about F1, I worry that F1 is going downhill for quite a number of reasons.


#P82. So drop a championship winning seat in FE for a williams seat and a season getting lapped at least once? I think you have a very biased view of how much a back marker F1 seat is worth.


With all that ancillary bodywork they ought to just call them sports cars, and get on with it. ( Open wheel racing is supposed to allow the wheels of opponents cars to lock with yours. Impossible, practically speaking, with all that Formula E -spec fore and aft body covering.)


so what do you call Indycars?


I call them open wheelers because the wheels are open. Also the cockpits are open.


formula e could become as interesting as this.


@aveli.. do you mean they’ll have V10s?

At least that would get SeeBee to watch.


no wonder sebee completely ignored it.
good point.


So it could become as interesting as the f1 before they “fixed” it to make it better?


yes lukec…..they’ve got to start somewhere, you don’t expect them to jump straight into being as exciting as the current f1 do you?


I don’t think you understand how the market works aveli. You can’t come up with an inferior product and solve all your problems by banning, or outlawing the superior product.

And that’s what the whole electric car nonsense really is. You have a product in 2018 that still only has a fraction of the performance and range of its rival, while costing significantly more. It’s like a computer manufacturer releasing a laptop with a fraction of the CPU processing power of its rivals, while costing twice as much as its nearest rival, and then banning it’s rival in order to sell its inferior product.


lookc….i don’t like electric cars for different reasons from yours. i don’t believe it is an inferior product. i believe it is an inefficient product, in that fossil fuels are burnt to produce electricity which is then used to run electric cars rather than burning fossil fuels to run cars directly. the rest of it is political nonsense. the atmosphere will always evolved nor matter what. i can tell you a lot about excitation energies of double bonds in carbon dioxide molecules so i do have a clear understanding of the matter. numerous experiments prove that carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere affect the rate of photosynthesis yet there isn’t a single experiment which proves that carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere affects global atmospheric temperatures.


When is F1 getting banned?


OK . . . . . BBC . . . . great for some I suppose.

Do they have some new signal type that bends 16 000 miles around the planet?

Thought not.

Lucky for me i don’t care.

Pity Luke Murphy thinks a British only thing makes good reading on a world wide blog.

Hey Luke, a new slot in a FORMULA 1 brake duct is way more interesting than the BBC’s latest ratings grab. . . . . . . . . just sayin’.


hey, that’s all that was in the press release – read it twice and couldn’t see anything about brake ducts. (what are they anyway?)


Formula E is dreadful. It is like watching elevators (lifts) race.


Strewth. This news has been up for a day or so now and only attracted 26 comments.
Which is it – underwhelming news, underwhelming ‘racing’ or underwhelming site?


why is this site even writing articles on Formula E?

Some more in depth news from the F1 padock would be better. Infact I’ve found myself using the BBC F1 news more this season as James’s site has been a bit lacking on breaking news




We all are.

Admit it…this season has been over for some time. Luke is just offering suggestions to bridge us to the 2019, the new aero and return of Mercedes domination. He’s got a tough job of it now that Motogp just ended, no more of this MotoGP pieces.

Come on Luke, shoehorn another MotoGP piece in here for fun. 🙂


I think it was supposed to be on JAonFE


Formula e is a really underwhelming topic, it would seem. The really interesting topics frequently get 500-plus comments here.


Most of them by the same couple of people, it’s like a glorified WhatsApp group.


Season has been over since Monza. 🙂

I wonder what F1 will script at Abu Dhabi to give F1 some longtail exposure post-season. A scandal, some drama….something. wonder if they will come up with anything?


Sadly people see the word formula and compare FE to F1 . They are 2 different series like rally and touring cars are 2 different series.

You can look at the one you prefer or both but its not compulsory.

Being as petrol engines will be banned in 20 years time maybe someone needs to be doing some development. Thats why all the big car firms are involved.

Nothing wrong with the cars its the big event city backdrop that makes them deadly dull.

Meanwhile the brains at liberty think thats the way to go. I would worry more about F1.


It is why I saw Formula 51 in the theatre. They got the with the formula.


I’ve been keeping a weather eye on FE since the beginning. It seems to have found an audience, though up til now that audience is not me. It has an interesting range of drivers, from plodders to capable F1 drivers, growing manufacturer support and much cannier use of social media than most series. What spoiled it for me was the mid-race car changes, overall slowness and weird handling characteristics. I’m not too fussed about Fan Boost – I can understand why purists don’t like it, but it’s an effective way to increase audience engagement (vital for a young series) and probably ends up making very little difference to the outcome.

These new cars could go a long way towards addressing FE’s main flaws. They’re quicker and can now complete an entire sprint race in one go – handily, because short races are easier to package and sell to a more casual audience (think T20 vs. Test cricket). I think it’s a good score for both FE and the BBC, and I’ll definitely follow it properly from this season.


Wholeheartedly agree. I went to the London race a couple of years ago, and I’ve watched occasional races over the years. London was a great event, and it’s refreshing to see them embracing online streaming in a time when F1 is becoming increasingly harder to watch (in the UK at least).

The car swap did ruin it a bit for me before too. The race got very confusing when they went into swap, with a minute in the garage, and often the order completely changed afterwards. Being able to do an entire race on one battery charge will make things much more interesting.

I’m still not entirely sold on their focus on street races. It makes for an exciting setting for a race and draws an audience to the city, but street tracks are rarely as exciting as the best racing circuits. The FE cars handle it better than F1 to be fair, but I’d prefer to see more proper tracks in the season.

I’ll give it another shot this year, if nothing else it should satisfy the F1 itch over the winter. Another reason I didn’t watch it much in the past is, the races frequently conflicted with F1 races, so hopefully the FIA can try to avoid that.


Formula e needs start-stop tracks with shortish straights and very slow corners to regenerate energy. If you put them on a track like spa or Suzuka the batteries will go flat in a couple of laps.

Maybe in 20 years they will be able to do a race on a single charge on a proper racetrack, and maybe in 50 years they will be able to do a 300 km race distance on a proper f1 type racetrack, and maybe in 100 years they will be able to do a 300 km race at spa on a single charge at speeds that rival F1. I won’t be holding my breath though.


Luke, in all fairness, what do you think makes PUs possible in F1? If not for the extreme braking forces PUs are not feasible at all.

Why do you think this PU tech is not leaving the F1 and WEC race track and into a product we can buy that would make a difference with emissions? Because we don’t brake that hard, thus there is much much less energy to recapture vs. penalty of the extra weight that needs to be carried all the time.


LOL you should drive in South Africa. With the taxis here we could use a thing like an MGU-K in our cars…you cruise down a road with the foot just itching for the brake pedal as you never now when one of these rustboxes on wheels will pull out in front of you or pass you only to stop dead ahead of you…

Brake pad suppliers make a killing here LOL!


F1 PU tech is totally irrelevant as far as roadcar application is concerned. I never said otherwise.


LukeC. You may be in for a surprise. lithium technology is gaining momentum faster than computer technology. Within 4-5 years your above predictions will most likely be reality


Cost will not come down, China’s economy will soon collapse, the economy in the west will keep having one recession after another and people will not not be able to afford fancy Shmancy planet saving, Al gore-pleasing nonsense. That’s the reality despite what Elon musk has been telling you.


Cost will come down.

The issue now is that electric cars have the potential to bring down unit cost significantly. This is why this whole thing about batteries being expensive is being pushed upon the public.

China will address this issue. If car companies don’t address this, we will see Chinese car companies gain share in the west. They already bought sone brands to do it with.


Sebee, and at $100,000-plus per battery a huge jump in cost also. With prices like that only the five richest kings on earth will be able to afford to have a car. Nice going there Einsteins.


Solid state batteries are coming. Huge jump in capacity and charge times.

Is FE using SS Batteries yet? I don’t think so.


I doubt it. There is probably an upper limit to how much energy a lithium battery can store, so it might never get anywhere near what petrol can do.


The mid race changeover is a necessity since all electric vehicles have a limited battery life………………and that in a nutshell has been the problems of EVs ever since about 1920 – even a Tesla driving by a ballerina can only eke out only 250 odd miles on a single charge. And unlike diesel or petrol which only takes 5 odd minutes to replenish, electric charging can take hours….

Add on the fact that of course electricity is generated [predominantly] by dirty, disgusting, polluting coal (the Germans are building more sooty power stations amazingly) and the smug look of men with wooly jumpers and beards in their EVs is fantastically hypocritical considering their electrical charge was generated by the most filthy, polluting hydrocarbon on the planet.


Good points made, especially when you consider the Cadmium mining in Canada (check out that place some time, NASA test their Mars Rover there as it’s so inhospitable!!) and the eventual decommissioning costs (economic and environmental).


Hamilton has recently said that he is not a fan of formula e because it’s not really spectacular enough and slower than formula ford. He added that he needs cars to be fast and make a bit of noise, and hopes that petrol cars will always be around during his lifetime.

Verstappen concurs and said that he will be buying the last remaining barrels of oil.

I think it’s a massive shame that drivers and fans alike are crying out for noise, speed and flames belching out of the exhausts, and we’re all being force-fed this Prius and electric nonsense instead.


there are nosier motor racing series than f1. if you are being truthful to yourself, follow them instead of f1. save us the time to read about your complaints. hamilton, the best driver on the history of motorsport, loves f1. he knows more about motor racing than any human who has ever walked this earth, and he loves f1 so i don’t understand why you’re complaining..


aveli. I now realise that you make this ridiculous comments as below…

“hamilton, the best driver on the history of motorsport”
“he knows more about motor racing than any human who has ever walked this earth”

…just to get a reaction. No-one with any education of sense over the age of 5 could realistically believe this garbage.

So that makes you either under 5 or a complete idiot


please tell me of any driver who’s demonstrated their intelligence by doing anything close to what hamilton managed in 2007…

he was so intelligent he confused all the commentators. they couldn’t understand what he was doing until he explained it himself during the post race interviews. it may sound ridiculous to you because you have some preconceived ideas about relating hamilton to intelligence. i love the truth..


please present evidence which opposes my statements.


nothing ridiculous about those statements david, unless you know of a driver who has performed better than hamilton has. the reason he performs so well is because he knows how to, intelligent. he performs better than the rest because he’s best at it. most intelligent..


jhave a listen to hamilton’s first post race interviews and you will hear him calling his engineers and technicians to up their game for better perfoance. he takes his best opportunity to address all of them at once. none of the established drivers did that. this gives us an idea how hard he works behind the scenes to ensure his car is competitive…there is no evidence of anyone doing this better than hamilton. please present any evidence you may have…


@david, it may sound ridiculous to you now but i am confident you will come round to understanding this in time.
if you think it is ridiculous may be you could name one or two drivers who know more about racing than hamilton and present some evidence in support. look at all f1 championship years before 2007 and you will see how boring it was. after 2007 overtaking was revived because hamilton was smart enough to inject excitement into the sport by doing this
please show me evidence of any driver more intelligent to do something similar or better. his first two races.


no matter how you try to spin it, the comments below remain ridiculous”

“hamilton, the best driver on the history of motorsport”
“he knows more about motor racing than any human who has ever walked this earth”


What do you mean follow other series instead of f1? Did they pass a law that states that one must only follow one series to the exclusion of all other series?


lookc….. you have the right to follow what you want to follow. you don’t have to follow my advice nor do you have to insult me or be disrespectful. i only assume you are complaining about f1 because you don’t like it and praising louder motor sports. is my suggestion illogical?


Aveli, I can either stop watching it like the countless others who have switched off since the introduction of the PUs, or they can do something to improve it.


i have not told you watch to watch, i have only made a suggestion because you express such strong dislike for f1. i watch f1 because i love it and don’t watch anything i don’t like. not many tell authors how to write a book nor tell theatre or film producers how to make a production. they go to watch and if they don’t like them, they stay away. that is what i am used to so i suggest you watch what you love as it may make you happier.


I won’t be disrespectful if you don’t try to tell me what series to watch. I happen to want to watch f1,amongst other things, and I want it be the best that it can be. Just because you’re deliriously happy with doesn’t mean that I have to be.


If Lewis could only pick one F1 car to own, wonder which car it would be?

It would be hilarious if Lewis signed up for Ferrari Clienti for an F2004. 🙂


it has to be the best of the ones he guided his mercedes engineers to design, build and developed for maximum success afterall we’ve often heard him during post race interviews appealing to his mercedes engineers to push their hardest for success from his very first race in 2007. hardly do we hear other drivers doing the same…after 11 years and they still haven’t learned. i trust the most intelligent f1 driver to have walked this earth would make the most intelligent choice.


@david…no one else does it. if only you payed attention you would’ve watched videos with hamilton explaining how far mercedes goes to ensure two large teams of engineers at different locations to closely listen to his debriefs.
he guides his engineers to build him his cars, better than anyone has ever done.


@david…please name a driver who has displayed as much intelligence as hamilton did in the second race of the 2007 season. did you see how he fooled massa and raikkonen? there isn’t an f1 driver smart enough to demonstrate that. he was so intelligent that none of the commentators understood what he was doing to massa. it wasn’t until he explained that they understood. am glad you are learning.


“appealing to his mercedes engineers to push their hardest for success”
is not consistent with:
“guiding his mercedes engineers to design, build and developed for maximum success”

get that? appealing is not guiding


will it not be the one he enjoyed driving the most, rather than one he has never driven?


So not F2004? You think Lewis goes with nostalgia?

You’re right. Lewis goes with nostalgia MP4/5B V10 or MP4/6 V12 for sure as the one car he keeps. He’s not picking one of these plum PU things that has no will power to push away from the table and stop packing on the weight. 🙂


Lewis has said several times that the pre PU cars were more special, particularly because of the sound.


I’m sure it would be a v10. Those cars are light, agile and powerful and could be driven to the to absolute limit of the tyres the whole time. It’s a racing driver’s dream.


There’s a reason they don’t run FE on any of the tracks that F1 (or pretty much any other circuit) … so we don’t realise how slow they are.

If Liberty are concerned that FE might take over F1’s audience they should run one of those comparison races … a std Ford Focus RS, an FE and an F1 car…

I’d like to see that!


Screw the BBC they’re a disgraceful tax (read waste of money) on the English public. All the races are being streamed live on Youtube too. I’ll be watching there.

And FE has been great to watch. Lots of action and excitement. With a very good field. Of course if the only reason you’re watching motorsport is for the noise, it’s not going to be your thing, but if you genuinely like racing, FE has been excellent.

Yes some of the tracks are mickey mouse but that will get better over time.

Really looking forward to this season. Massa and Vandoorne are going to be interesting to watch.

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