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Can Ferrari salvage a constructors’ championship challenge in Brazil F1 GP?
Posted By: Editor   |  07 Nov 2018   |  10:00 pm GMT  |  218 comments

Whilst the drivers’ championship was finally wrapped up by Lewis Hamilton in Mexico, a below-par performance for Mercedes opened the door for Ferrari to cut their lead at the top of the constructors’ standings to 55 points.

There’s a maximum of 86 points to play for but, even if Ferrari do take what would be their first one-two of the season, they would require extenuating circumstances (e.g. retirements) for Mercedes in order to make up enough ground for a straight shootout at the final race in Abu Dhabi.

Fortunately for the Scuderia, both they and Sebastian Vettel have form at Interlagos. Ferrari have the most wins in the history of the event with nine but, more importantly, also took the win in Brazil last year.

Whilst Ferrari may or may not have had the outright speed at Interlagos last year, their win was made possible by Vettel getting the jump on Bottas off the line, but also by Hamilton putting himself out of contention with a spin in qualifying.

For whatever reason, Lewis Hamilton has never taken a race win after securing the drivers’ championship with races to spare.

Of his five titles, three of them have been taken before the last race of the season (2015, 2017 & 2018). In total, he’s competed in five Grands Prix where he’s already confirmed as the champion; the Mexican, Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix of 2015, and the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix of 2017.

As runs of “poor form” go, this certainly isn’t a bad one to have, but Ferrari will be hoping that he continues his unique winless run in Brazil, an event he’s only won once (back in 2016).

With the Autódromo José Carlos Pace situated much closer to sea level than the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Red Bull won’t be able to take advantage of reduced air density – which highlighted their strong chassis – and will likely be exposed by the high power unit demands.

Red Bull themselves will readily admit their Mexico win was one of few opportunities for a win in the second half of 2018: “In general Interlagos doesn’t suit our car that well, but after finishing on the podium there in 2016 and winning last week in Mexico, anything can happen in the race. I’ve had some great battles and overtakes there and I’m hoping for another exciting race,” summarised Verstappen.

Too late to challenge Renault?

With Renault remaining 30 points ahead of Haas in the battle for P4 in the constructors’ championship after Haas’ appeal against their Italian Grand Prix disqualification was thrown out, the American outfit require a dominant midfield display in Sao Paulo in order to keep the pressure on their rivals. After a disastrous Mexican Grand Prix, Haas should be much better placed in Brazil.

Force India are still fifteen points away from McLaren’s sixth place in the constructors’ standings. An unfortunately-rare points finish for Stoffel Vandoorne in Mexico inflicted more pain on Force India’s failure to score.

Slightly further back, Sauber’s second double-points finish of the season put them above Toro Rosso in the championship. However, if the Italian team can remain penalty-free this weekend, they may be able to capitalise on an ever-improving Honda power unit and return to the points.

Rain to affect the Brazilian Grand Prix?

Wet weather has often been a factor during a Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. Rain-affected races include championship-clinching races for Hamilton (2008) and Vettel (2012), the shortened, chaotic 2003 event, and Verstappen’s display of racecraft in 2016.

Early forecasts suggest that rain is possible at least at some point over the weekend, but these early predictions seem to indicate that the levels of rain witnessed in 2016 – where the race was suspended and completed with 34 laps behind the safety car, a Grand Prix record – are unlikely to happen.

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

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Maybe Ferrari could have won the championship had they backed Kimi early season instead of Seb. Interesting that Kimi has outscored Seb 87 to 76 since being told he was moving on, (So no longer needs to play wingman to keep his Ferrari drive).
I am still of the opinion that they backed the wrong one.


hamilton destroys the pole record yet again!


No one mentioned that Seb almost spun in Mexico at the start. It really looked as he tried to to the same shunt but failed.

But I’m all for giving the man some slack. But the thing is that he hampered Kimi’s race in the process. Kimi could have helped him, if Seb once again would have just tried to have some patience.

Then again I must give him credit for still have the guts to try that move, or even get in there at all. But one can also argue he made the same mistake all over again, but this time he just nearly escaped the same result as so many times before.


Well another off topic:

Hanoi looks like a good track but as far as building cars I dunno. They build fantastic furniture. We send them the wood and they send us back furniture. They do a great job.

I wonder if their cars have wood in them? There is also fine knives made in Cambodia. Some of the best. Their cars may be good as well. I dunno. My uncle had a fantastic clock made there during the war which was a very bad idea to prop up a monarchy not a democracy which was probably worse than the communist at the time.

So give them their race. They seem ok now.


Well Russia was even better than France in making Empire furniture and other precious things at that era.

But I like your reasoning, nothing there to say they can’t make a good track and a good atmosphere etc.

Not to say Russia can’t, that’s for anyone been there to decide. But the European tracks and races will be in difficulties as it stands. One can say itäs Bernie”s fault, or that he just in a kind of cynical way saw that the money were elsewhere.

What is F1 without the European races. Think about a F1 whee there is no Spa, Silverstone (maybe there is options) Monza ect.

That said I love many of the new locations and races


Formula one should favor the day championship with points on every practices sessions, qualifications and overtaking.


They could introduce a customer trophy as @Clarkes4WheelDrift suggested, instead of my idea of a “Thank you for participating trophy”

We already have a two or three tier championship, just not in name


Sure the constructors deserve a trophy. Don’t they get that?


Independent teams then, although I’m less and less sure of what that means.

Let’s say we want them, not just the works/big/road car manufacturers or a small pool of constructors. They could award the small/independent teams and we might get them in a more recognizable form, like we use to know them.

One can of course debate what is Haas ect. But one can nowadays debate what is Williams and some other teams.

This would be something to look into, if that is what fans want that is.

I could imagine some form of prize that would include a pool of money distributed to certain teams that try to build something own eg independent at lest to a certain degree.

The 2021 solution will not bring any revolutionary changes, if any that is worth get exited over, that is my guesstimation.


The rules could be that the team at the bottom will have to qualify to get a new entry?

Who will take that spot then meanwhile? Maybe a GP2 car. E-car or a 12 year old in a cart. It will not matter that much soon anyway, and we get the youngest F1 driver once again. Oh how much hype he would get and media attention.

Alnoso could make a comeback with a real GP2 engine, or a E-car.

Look how fast I am in a electrical vehicle. I’m so very fast in a very very slow car, you would hear him scream


Max is fast fer sure.


And we’ll have rain.

The Ferrari road cars never liked rain did they?

Maybe it’s just that they need to feel the sent of pasta, parmigiano, tomatoes and olive trees once in a while


In rain driver makes difference.


For this to happen, Seb must learn how to take out a few other drivers with his spins in the process. Maybe watch some Maldonado videos


ChrisD. Can’t you stay away from the inane keyboard drivel? Humour is great, but spamming the thread with it is not. This place is virtually dead for decent debate now, and even James is not doing as much – is this because of the small handful of numpties spoiling it i.e. the repetitive drivel posters, and the pro/anti Hamilton/Vettel children brigade?

I used to visit this site several times a day, I used to take part in debate, but it’s pointless beyond the usually good articles now. Don’t kill the debates, many good sites have shut down comments sections on articles due to numpties, others let chaos rein, and only a few have time to moderate properly.



You seam to ONLY have time to moderate. Anything not to your liking is numpties I get.

Well we’ve had some discussions before and the comments you made on these occasions were at best sub numpty level.

I suggest you up your own contribution to this site before you play mod with others. Go to a site that suites you, for children or for example .

If you you don’t have the capacity to understand a more complex text then that is what I would suggest you to do, Because I can’t help you there

I appreciate a diversity in the comments, not a ecco of my own expectations, so should every reader and participating writer here to get a wider perspective not only in content but in form.

So my dear PaulD, your in a tough spot, you can’t have it your way in a public space, or in a moderated (not by you) platform. Sorry, not my fault, you just have to go to your chamber and cry it out, that’s my advise to you

One example PaulD. I don’t know your age. But by the looks of it you don’t appear too mature do you?

Remember this one juvenile post you replied to me. I have no time right now to go back and read it in full, but it was along the lines of:

“You really hate Lewis, but you say you love him, but you dont.”

PaulD, is this written by an adult, hard to believe indeed.

Is this such a mature and balanced debate you want to participate in? Then again I advice you to search for a forum for children, maybe you feel much more at home there

Best of luck PaulD


i think we have seen enough of the season’s results to know how it will all end.


The internet is brutal, savage and unkind.

My grandson just introduced me to a “meme” and sent me this.


Usually the winner of the hungarian gp does not go on to win the championship. Time to buck old trends, HAM for the win, assuming mercedes rectifies their issues of late.



Let me just check my latest briefing notes…….

No they can’t


You’re briefing notes are spot on. Salvage what I would say. They gave Seb the means and spoiled KR’s chances of bringing in the big points.

Now they’re out of contention of both titles


Brazil is usually very unpredictable, but as far as I can see there are 4 or 5 things that I think are pretty much nailed on.

1. If it rains Hamilton will win.

2. If it rains Vettel will spin.

3. Merc won’t try to help Bottas to win (they’d probably still rather Hamilton won). Would VB still have to play wingman even with the WDC sealed?

4. Ricciardo will retire from the race.

5. Alonso will retire from the race.


Im not sure of anything except RIC failing to complete the race.


LoL, a bet as good as any. Although the odds would be negative


The driver’s championship is for bragging rights. The real money comes from winning the constructors title. Everyone at Merc gets a bonus, sometimes upward of hundreds of thousands, but only if they win the constructors.

Toto will not let this title slip away and disappoint everyone at the factory. Engines to warp speed will be deployed and a new wheel hub called the Mimosa upgrade where the holes organically close upon scrutiny.

Who are we kidding, without the wheel hubs, Mercs are toast and with Ferrari’s new qualifying mode called the K1-Plus, Ferrari will lock out the front row, especially with their history here as the article has pointed out.

The only thing positive for Merc is that they only need 5th and 6th places in the last two races to lock up the constructors. They should be able to get that in a 6 car championship.

But…. If it rains, all bets are off. Lewis, ala 2016, for the win.


“… sometimes upward of hundreds of thousands …”

How many would this apply to? A handful at most.

Do you have some inside knowledge of Mercedes’ bonus structure?



Nope. Don’t have inside knowledge but it’s not uncommon for rich organizations, such as Mercedes, to hand out hundreds of thousands, even millions, in bonuses to the top dogs. So a handful is a pretty good assesment.



I don’t have insider knowledge, but I remember Brundle talking about Red Bull employees getting around £10k when they won the WCC. He was joking about all the new kitchens that would be ordered – a small one for £10k I would have thought .


I heard the 10k figure before, for Merc too. When a big number of employees are getting that, it adds up fast.


it adds up fast.


Especially at Mercedes, as they employ over 2000 people on Lewis’s side of the garage alone 🤣


Extract from Arrivo’s new book, “Four Years in the Ferrari Furnace”, just out:

– I went to see Elkann in his grotto. I was determined to stand my ground, no matter what.

We’re keeping Kimi for the next year, I told him bluntly.

He grabbed the nuts and squeezed hard.

I screamed like crazy.

He squeezed harder.

I shouted: Kimi out Leclerc in.

He let go the nuts

I fell in a heap on the floor.


One would think his meritorious grey patina alone would let him have his way but no.

So maybe it was Kimi who left of his own accord, leaving Arrivo in the furnace by himself, with only Seb as company and the density of the air to keep them close together

The heat is on a level now that no blizzard can smother. Nothing left to do than follow their rules of cunduct and light a cigarette and watch it burn


The drivers are not good enough and Merc advantage is too big with only 2 races left. Ferrari doesn’t deserve any title this year anyway.


The drivers are not good enough? Seriously? Look, one has given Lewis a serious run for his money, despite not being supported by his team as much as Lewis has been by his team. The other has at least won a race. Tell me how many races has Bottes won this year?



China until the strategist let him down.

Baku until debris spoiled the party.

Sochi until Toto snatched it from him.


China – no, he took advantage of the strategists to take the lead.

Baku – no, for the same reasons.

Sochi – yes – however he was ordered to give way to the team leader. Perhaps could have won without team orders against him.


Wonderful drives through the field have been mentioned a few times this year. Sublime! I think not. All we have seen is a highlight of how dominant the top three teams are. It doesn’t matter where you start if you have a Merc, Ferrari or Redbull, you’re gonna finish in the top six.


It already started with the DRS aid, now we have three teams that are not just in a league of there own, they are in a different category, if not in a different formula since they can’t afford to buy what it takes to reach this formula


I’d love Ferraday to win the world driver’s championship, Oh sorry…I’m confused.


No it’s not a bad thought, it had troubles when parking just like Max in Mexico. Maybe if you tell him he needs to change approach it will sort it self out


Ferraday don’t you need to be in a copper cage for that ?


BKl let’s have Seb drive one then or Grosjean. Some of them needs to be in a copper cage I have feeling. But just for probation though, we’re not animals. Unless we’re in road roadrage of course, that’s another matter


is that how they build their special batteries? 😉


Does carbon fibre count, it does conduct electricity.



There is an isolator switch on all F1 cars . You see it on the outside near steering.
You normally get the drivers jumping away from the cars.
Isolator switch pressed before race stewards crew push, car away or they end up with a nasty shock.
Alonso got a nasty shock last year. So assume the carbon fibre may end up with a static charge.
Bit like military heavy duty rescue helicopters , they normally drop a line to earth themselves on the deck before dropping down. Or the heli crewman will end up with a shock as he winches down, plus the helicopter may malfunction.
So maybe Carbon fibre isn’t that safe hence the isolator.


No, not going to see that happen.
I do hope for rain and a Verstappen being as good as brasil 2016. Let’s see how he races against a Hamilton who can take his elbows out because now he too has nothing to loose.


Wrong, he has to try and protect the constructors trophy.


Merc need 32 points from the last two races to guarantee WCC regardless of what Ferrari achieve. 5th and 6th in each race will give them 36 points. Like COTA and Mexico, expect the engines to be dialled back down to fail safe mode and all the leading engineers to be back home working on next years car.


Yeah that’s going to be a hard one but it may go down to the last race.

Off Topic:

Since Hamilton hasn’t been knighted yet he could become a Kentucky Colonel. I think He can get that for sure.


Time for Ferrari to swing behind Kimi for the last two events. They are certainly capable of a one two in AbuDhabi.

If you want to win, release the Finn.

I wonder if a good result is possible here in Interlagos. For the sake of his fans I hope Kimi can once again visit that unknown slip road at the back of the circuit [as in 2012] on his way to a podium.

And what about

“Hamilton putting himself out of contention with a spin in qualifying…”

Nearly forgot that…

Gosh, I wonder how many times Fangio made that sort of error?


Yeah that was his last mistake. It happens.


Plenty, e.g. Argentina 56 when he spun off having commandeered someone else’s car, and then benefitted from outside assistance to get moving again. Ahh the good ol days when wing men could be persuaded to hand over their cars halfway through races, in fact Fangio even won a wdc in a car taken from another driver. And people moan about team orders in current f1. If only we could go back to the old ways eh?


I think we all get the picture painted by our friends here below: when Fangio was not barrel rolling he was stealing other people’s cars. He was just a fat car thief, no more…


No, you just made a dumb statement and got called on it.


And the cars are so difficult to drive today and dangerous

I don’t know about Fangio but it was a crazy time, for both audience and drivers regards safety.

I bet it was way mor danger involved to watch a race at those times than driving a F1 car today.

Perilous had another meaning then, or none what so ever

The horror, I mean really, the horror


Plenty, e.g. Argentina 56, having requisitioned his teammate he spun off and needed a push to get going again. Still won though, ah the god ol days when you could have your car fail then get the team to relive your number two of his halfway through the race and hand it to you. He even won one of his escape in similar circumstance. If only modern f1 was more like that eh?


In all fairness – they did release the Finn, they contracted Leclerc in his place.

I’m surprised you missed that?


Release is such a good word in this context. He served his sentence I presume.


Ouch, too soon.

Nice win at CotA, though.


putting himself out of contention with a spin in qualifying

Do Kimi fans get to take the p*ss out of Hamilton for mistakes made during qualifying? Thin ice there imo….. very thin indeed.


Fangio would have just hopped into his teammates car.


I have been meaning to go through Fangio’s F1 racing record, and present it on modern F1 terms (i.e. no shared drives allowed). I’ll do that here. I guess there’s no way to know if he took over a teammate’s car during qualifying, or is there?


Just went through the 1950 season. Fangio had no shared drives there, but that’s just because the Alfa’s were miles better than anyone else, so it was an in-house fight between Farina, Fangio & Fagioli. As an example, the first non-Alfa qualified 10 seconds (!) behind poleman Farina. That was on the 14km Spa circuit, but still!

What is interesting to note, is that if all results counted, that Fangio would have finished lower than both of his teammates in the standings (Farina 30, Fagioli 28, Fangio 27).


How ’bout the time he barrel rolled the car, was ejected and broke his neck, and missed the rest of the 1952 season?


Many times actually Phil. But it didn’t matter to Fangio. He would just pinch his team mates car. “Sorry Stirling. Out you get”
Fangio would not compare to Lance Stroll, nevermind Lewis Hamilton, in today’s F1. A balding overweight 40 something being a match for any of today’s grid is beyond ridiculous. Of his time he was awesome, the very best of the best but it was very amateur back then compared to today. I even put it to you that Fangio would fail to make it to F1 today. The driver pool aiming for F1 is so much bigger and so much more talented now. A plump forty something (almost like myself) would be toast.
Fangio: a great of HIS TIME.


Balding might fit the description, but today we can get plugs though.

A 40-ish driver did win the other day


Like wow… We are ALL prisoners of our time…

Spitfire flattened by F16

Alexander the Great flattened by a dozen AK-47

HMS Victory flattened by US Navy Coast Guard Cutter

Roger Bannister flattened by weekend Triathelete

1960’s Ferrari flattened by WRX STi (or Lancer Evo, take your pick)

The 300 flattened by one cluster bomb

The 1966 England World Cup win… beaten by everyone since 😉

Any of Senna’s World Championship cars lapped by a 2018 Sauber or Torro Rosso (take your pick)

(That’s enough examples – Ed…)

I think you get my drift here.

Comparisons across time are meaningless. Fangio was The Man of his time, just as Senna was, Schumacher, and now Lewis.

Enjoy and respect each for what they achieved in their day.

Each a worthy hero.


Alexander the Great was flattened by a poison arrow from a Rajput Indian Warrior as Alex tried to invade India but had to retreat via the coastal waterways . AK47 could never have flattened Alex. Maybe an Elephant could be classed as the only heavy ordinance on the scene.
The Spitfire never went toe to toe with a F16.
Reflections of the past. Great post.
I do get your point Apex. Well said 👏👏👏👏


“Fangio would not compare to Lance Stroll, nevermind Lewis Hamilton, in today’s F1”

That is a ridiculous statement. You can only bench against what the current circumstances offer. Today’s drivers would also fail miserably in Fangio’s era. It called for a different talent and skill.


Today’s drivers probably won’t survive the racing of that era.


You’re right Fangio wouldn’t match them in today’s F1 but at least he’d have a go, Lewis wouldn’t even try to race in Fangio’s title winning cars


That’s not what Sterling Moss said about Lewis. He thought he would do very well in his era due to his innate driving ability as can be seen when he races in the wet. The obvious caveat being we don’t know the courage and mental resilience of the current drivers pushing the limits in cars that could kill you. That is why it is impossible to compare across eras.


@richb, do you have a link? Do you really think that Lewis wouldn’t have wanted to race back in that era? That’s what he grew up watching.


when lewis drove senna’s 1988 McLaren he said he felt very exposed and wouldn’t have raced back then let alone Fangio’s era


but at least he’d have a go

Would he even be able to fit into a current F1 car?


In Fangio’s era, at those tracks, and in Fangio’s car, Stroll would be dead by turn 2 and Hamilton would be dead by the end of the lap. The rest of the field would race on, past their smouldering wrecks till either Moss or Fangio won.



. . Really?

I mean, come on. Lewis is better than that!

2 laps.

……………………… 3, tops.


At an 89 mph average (1957 German GP)?

I think you’re having a case of the everything-was-better-back-in-the-day’s.


I’m surprised in all the greatest F1 chat we’ve had recently no-ones rolled Nuvolari out yet.


#C4WD. Interesting comment but sir sterling reckons lewis would fit in nicely with the greats/cars of old. Why? because lewis is a racer. There are many ‘drivers’ but very few racers in f1.

Hamilton would’ve fit in nicely in the 50’s, on second thought – maybe not. Skin tone and all…


don’t be silly clarks4wheeldrift….fangio didn’t know 90% of the skills stroll knows. he was a barbaric bully of a racer in comparison.


@2star mick,…..if that was all there is to driving f1 cars everybody’d be doing it.


….fangio didn’t know 90% of Stroll’s skills?

Let’s see.

There’s accelerate, brake, steer . . . . maybe change gear.

So if Fangio only knew 10% of that, then being a barbaric bully of a racer must be worth a championship.

I think Jones, Piquet, Senna, Schumacher & Vettel would agree.


Clarkes. Hamilton? Lewis Hamilton? The guy who barely put a wheel wrong all season? I think you’re confused…..


Clarks, you didn’t say anything about 2011, I don’t recall any of his skirmishes with Felipe that year resulting in a serious accident.


In Fangio’s era/cars, if Lewis had a season like he did in 2011, he wouldn’t have made it to this ’18 season 😉

Man we all really need this race weekend to start 😉 Enjoy everyone, Brazil usually delivers.


Well said Dean 👍
But !
Why all of a sudden, did I think of Yul Brynner in West World ?
And the great Donald Pleasance picking up the pin in The Great Escape…
Dam it….accidental Ear Worm…!
Come on Guys & Gals altogether…
🎶Naan naaah ! Nan ! Naaa Na Naanaah !🎶 😀


again – your posts make no sense


What exactly does the amount of hair Fangio had got to do with his ability to drive?

I’m assuming you’ve not noticed Hamiltons hairline has actually grown forward magically since his early days in F1?! I guess you’d put that down to him just becoming a better driver right… ridiculous


You picked up on that one fact cause you know everything else I said makes sense. Grasping – straws.


how many times did you watch fangio race?



It didn’t matter in Fangio’s case, as he’d just take over his team-mate’s spot if it were better than his.


Same a today. Hamilton consistently takes over Valtteri’s “spot” when it is “better than his”


wishful thinking!


Again, your comment makes no sense.


Try to think of something original James k


david, once doesn’t count as ‘consistently’….


david, yep. Do you? Have you seen something I’ve missed? Or is your imagination running away with you again?


Once? Do you watch the races?


Will Merc use the blown rims / spacers?

Will we see another Max masterclass in the rain?

Will DD make a clean getaway? Will he finish?

Will Merc let the “wingman” get one?

Will Seb be moved out of the way to benefit Kimi?

Will Seb keep it pointing in the right direction?

Will any more great circuits be lost due to marketing oportunities?

Enjoy it while you can guys. Brazil is going to be yet another big loss to F1.


Not so sure about max in the rain. According to some, the rb14 is terrible in the rain and mercedes remains the class of the field. I mean, how else has lewis managed to win the last 9 rain affected races. Or be near untouchable in wet quali. It just HAS to be the car.


Where does the Merc rank in wet conditions according to you then Oblah?

Why is it surprising to you that the car heaviest on its tyres, the Mercedes, the best in wet conditions?

In comparison Ferrari and Red Bull, cars lighter on their tyres, struggle for tyre warm up.

It is quite simple really.

After Hungary qualifying;

Toto: “Ferrari was better on the ultrasoft tyres, on intermediates it was even, on the full wets, we had the upper hand. “

This analysis was done after Hungary.

The GPS data shows exactly where Ferrari loses its time in the rain. Who believes the power advantage of Ferrari shrunk on wet ground, is wrong. Vettel took the Mercedes driver in the rain on the straights 0.4 seconds. Raikkonen made up 0.3 tenths on Hamilton and Bottas. But Mercedes were unbeatable in the corners. They had the tyre temperatures perfectly in the window and they benefit from the larger diameter and the different “walk behaviour” of the full wets. Because Ferrari and Red Bull aerodynamically suffer more, due to the full wets (rain tyres) deforming differently when braking than the slicks. This observation could be made again and again in the past years.


Oblah, if it’s terrible in the rain that makes what he did in 2016 even more impressive!

I like Max. I like to see drivers who live on the edge and give it all they have got all the time. He’s a racer and I’ll always want to watch that.

It was what I enjoyed so much about Lewis early in his career. Right on the edge every time he was in the car. Loved it. In recent years he’s held back a bit on the full crazy mode but that’s just made him into one of the all time greats with just a handful of drivers who can even claim to be in the same league.

But Max is going to go the same way I think. He’s got a long way to go but I’m going to enjoy watching it.

But yep, when it comes to wet weather, they always say that it shows the true greatness of a driver. And Lewis is the absolute GOAT when it comes to both mega fast laps and putting together a race in the rain!


Mac masterclass in the rain? Really? How many of them have. There been?


I’d suggest watching Brazil 2016. And then watching what the people closer to the sport who know a lot more than you and I had to say about it.


Interesting this is and will be first season since 2011 to see the Constructors Championship decided after the the WDC. I can still only see Merc winning this however.


I was wondering about that. Where did you find that out, if I can ask? The wiki page for F1 Drivers champions shows the race (out of total races) where the title was clinched, but the Constructors wiki page does not.


Verstappen’s display of racecraft in 2016….. strange I could have sworn Hamilton won the race without making any mistakes. Yet this seems to pale into insignificance when compared to the brilliance of Max’s drive.

This should be the last race on The calendar. I expect Merc to dominate and tie up the constructors title.


Same thought came to mind. I remember being hugely impressed with Hamilton. Zero mistakes. Don’t get me wrong Max was also great but he had nothing to lose in that race and Hamilton was still trying to win the WDC.


Yes…the memories of Brazil 2016 get up my nose too. Verstappen couldn’t keep his car pointing in the right direction and was very very close to coming a cropper in the wall. He raced really well, take nothing away from him but there was a much better driver in the wet on that particular day. One that COULD keep his car pointing in the right direction, a driver that lead from start to finish without a single mistake. But Yeh. .. Verstappen was peerless that day!! Why not.


Its always easier upfront than catching up. You have to take more risk to do so. From P16 to P3 in those conditions and not making an error is worth a place in the history books of F1.


like this? if anyone could do it…,


Great video Aveli. Enjoyed it.


He did make an error, and was very lucky not to bin it.

Anyway it was all the car, a decent driver would have won in that Red Bull in those conditions…..



@ Jake: The error was made before the charge from P16 to P3 and yes, as a F1 fan I do prefere a spectacular drive with errors over a dull, boring, flawless drive upfront regardless of the driver. And a spectaculair drive it was. Anyone who denies that is biased. But hey, chill out people, its just my biased opinion.


That is worth a place in the history books?!?!! P16 to P3 … just P3!!

And no, it’s not always easier up front, as you’re the first through any section that can catch you out. I suspect you’ll only agree after Verstappen spins out from the lead in a wet race though.


It was really unbelievable driving. Great entertainment.

Pysics are being redefined.

Toto Wolff

When was the last time the main competition used Words like this to describe a single race? In my book that means a great drive, not “just good”. He was P2 before and after he nearly crashed. He did not have a rain radar on his steering wheel so you hardly can blame him they put him on inters and back to extremes which brought him to the back of the field.

Lets enjoy, (and give credits to) great drives like that regardless which driver it is.


Genak27, I agree it was an exciting drive by him, slicing through the field. I do think, though, that there is a bit of a hollow let’s-big-up-Max factor in there too. I get that people are looking for the Next Big Thing, but sometimes they project more onto a drive than it’s really worth. He came 3rd. He was running 2nd at one point. He pulled off some great overtakes, but he had fresher tires, etc. Very good but not great in my books, and that’s just for the pass around the outside of Rosberg, and the drive from P16 after the last SC. The error was big enough that it likely cost him P2 in the end.


Yes, KRB, that drive deserves a place in the history books. Not just my opinion but the opinion of most people in the F1 world. I suspect you would not even consider it special if he did it on 3 wheels. I do not deny Max is my man but to clarify my point: Apart from the start, Max drove a dull, boring flawless drive in Mexico and I was happy about that but I admit I enjoyd the battles between VET and RIC and the midfielt more. At this moment Hamilton is the best driver on the grid but accept that sometimes the sun does not always revoles around him.


if it was easier up front then all the drivers would’ve been up front.


Couldn’t agree more Gebak.

But Lewis still drove better👍


Not making an error? Are you sure?

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