The final five: Tata announces finalists for the F1 Innovation Prize
Posted By: Editor   |  14 Sep 2018   |  11:41 am GMT  |  15 comments

Tata Communications has revealed the five entries who will contest in the final of the F1 Innovation Prize in Austin, Texas on Thursday 18th October, ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

The competition is now in its fifth year, and the five finalists for 2018 will compete for a USD $50,000 cash prize and, for the first time, see their winning idea be developed at Formula 1’s R&D centre.

The ‘My F1’ challenge theme seeks ideas that bring fans closer to the cockpit. It challenges entrants to take the sport’s unique set of human, mechanical and technical data and combine it with the publishing and broadcast capabilities of Formula 1, to create the ultimate customised, immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide. This could be in the form of an app, a homepage or even a way of joining up interactive content across a dozen different devices.

The theme for this year supports the drive by Formula 1 to ensure everyone – from trackside fans to the most casual armchair viewer – can engage with the sport through a level of customisation that breaks the barriers of language, interest and technical know-how.

Five finalists have been awarded a trip to the Formula 1 Pirelli 2018 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas to present their solutions to a panel of judges; including four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Formula One’s managing director of motorsport Ross Brawn, Mercedes’ executive director (technical) James Allison and commentator and ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle.

Following careful analysis of the entries submitted, the candidates selected for the final in Austin are; John Lepore, former winner Datu Yogabrata, Michal Switala, James Gough, and the joint effort from Marco Einöder and Leire Apraiz.

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Reporter asking Kimi whether the move, had proved his love of racing?

Kimi: “Erm, not quite”.

“No, I am not actually. Just for pure head games with you guys I have signed and I am going to spend two years there not happy.”

Another brilliant Kimi Press conferance


I think 5 comments in 5 hours illustrates well that we don’t give a rats about this topic. Why no report on practice 1 and 2

I’m increasingly finding that i have to go to other sites for regular insight into F1.

Recent reports seem bland and without depth or considered opinion.

For example Kimi to Sauber was a rehash of the popular media reports with no insider info, whether facts or supposition.

We wanted to know:

Why Sauber? How much? Who arranged the deal? How long is his contact?

Unfortunately I’m increasingly having to go to Joe for F1 news… and his commenters are nowhere near the level of those on this site.

Sorry to have to whinge but I think you need to know this and hopefully return to the JAonF1 that we love.


Hey Axel,
What is the ideal destination for our shared migration to more timely and informative articles?

All packed and ready to go!


In other news, there was not one, but TWO actual F1 practice sessions today.

Do you remember the days when JAonF1 had an article after each practice session? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


I get the feeling it will be an American winner this year. Don’t know why, maybe my innate cynicism coming through.


So…how about that Singapore practice huh?


Yay 🥇😁👏

How exciting…

Put up the bunting

It’s lift off 🚀


“Light The Beacons”🔥

F1s Got Talent . Expecting Simon to light up his desk for the winner. And hopefully have the finalist saying they are doing for their grand parents who live in a phone booth since the recession hit .


Guess I’m finally figuring out what this ‘communications’ thing is all about;

– Need Steve Machete ex-mechanic ex-announcer explaining the car

– Need Stirling Moss ex-Mr. Motorsport himself explaining driver

– Need a pretty girl doing signing for the deaf to explain above

– Need text captions bigger than picture in 8 languages

– Need directions to popsicle stand for 30-yr. olds

– Need to supply free iPhones to everyone


Interesting. Why no summary/preview of what the five finalists submitted?


The ‘interesting’ is why even post an article when there is no contents?


2021 car.

Looks to me like DRS is gone, right?

Oh, and spot the old F1 logo on the car of the future!


I actually really like it. I’d prefer a jet fighter canopy instead of a thong, but other than it looks very modern and very “pinnacle of auto tech”.

The big unknown of course is what kind of sound these things will produce. They definitely do look as though they should put out a beastly roaring sound, so hopefull they will deliver on that front as well.


Apparently they’re going to have NA V12s (according to @SeeBee)

I’m with you , man 😁


Props for your faithful reporting on this, James, despite our collective apathy…

Given that this has been going on for five years now, have any of the previous winners’ “solutions” been pit into practice? It seems that you report on this yearly, but we don’t ever see the fruits of any labor.

Given Brundle’s involvement, will sky be doing a segment on this at all to highlight the potential excitement coming down the pipeline? Would seem silly not to.


James has left the building.
Long time ago…

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