What’s your F1? Sport launches challenge for fans to personalise fan experience
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Ross Brawn and Lewis Hamilton marked a new milestone today for Formula 1 by launching the F1 Innovation prize, featuring the first ever competition in world sport where a fan idea will be incubated and prototyped for use in the sport itself.

The F1 Innovation Prize, now in its fifth year, is F1’s crowdsourcing initiative. The 2018 challenge is set to transform both the fan engagement and content consumption experience by challenging fans to present solutions for a new viewing experience that are personalised under the banner of “My F1”.

One overall winner will be rewarded with $50,000 and their winning idea incubated and prototyped at Formula 1’s new R&D centre in the UK.

For 2018, the ‘My F1’ challenge theme seeks ideas that bring fans closer to the cockpit. It challenges entrants to take the sport’s unique set of human, mechanical and technical data and combine it with the publishing and broadcast capabilities of Formula 1, to create the ultimate customised, immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide. This could be in the form of an app, a homepage or even a way of joining up interactive content across a dozen different devices.

The theme for this year supports the drive by Formula 1 to ensure everyone – from trackside fans to the most casual armchair viewer – can engage with the sport through a level of customisation that breaks the barriers of language, interest and technical know-how. It’s a push that is already changing the way viewers watch the sport with additions such as the new halo graphics and Twitter live shows and has paved the way for a fan’s idea to be developed by Formula 1.

Five finalists will be awarded a trip to the Formula 1 Pirelli 2018 United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas to present their solutions to the panel of judges. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cheque for USD $50,000 and see their winning idea be developed at Formula 1’s R&D centre.

Speaking on Formula 1’s Facebook Live, Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Motorsports, Formula 1, said that the revamped initiative was an another example of Formula One’s owners looking to increase fan engagement.

“I think the great thing about it, is that it’s what the fan wants. We want to understand, if you’re a fan, what collection of elements of Formula One would you put together to have a perfect viewing experience,” said Brawn.

“When we get those ideas we can put them into the Formula One system and make them real.

“I’ve had ideas when I’ve sat at home and watched motor racing, wishing I had all these elements that I can’t have. On the pit wall, you’ve got so much information, but we want to understand what the fans want.

“It’s a new philosophy, it’s the new approach of Formula One. We want to understand what the fans want.”

Long-time supporter of the F1 Innovation Prize Lewis Hamilton added that he was looking forward to seeing fans’ ideas becoming a reality.

“I’m so happy, this is world first. I remember we started this five years’ ago, they’ve had all these great ideas and they wouldn’t ever do anything with these ideas. Great ideas always went in, but they were never put into action,” he said, as fans chanted ‘it’s coming home’ behind him in the Silverstone pit lane.

“That idea is actually going to go into R and D, and Ross is going to make it happen and see if they can really make it work. It’s a really cool experience for a fan to be able to do something like this and to really be what people see and use.”

Mehul Kapadia, Global Head of Marketing at Tata Communications, said: “The new incorporation of incubation and prototyping at this level has never been done before in any global sport and it’s a great development to be able to involve the fans in such an immersive way.

“We look forward to seeing how the entrants would utilise the vast amounts of data readily available to them in real-time to heighten and individualise their experience of the sport.”

This year Lewis, Ross and Mehul will be joined on the judging panel by new judge Frank Arthofer, Director of Digital and New Business, Formula 1. Technical Director of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, James Allison and former F1 race driver and F1 commentator for Sky Sports F1, Martin Brundle will both be returning to judge the competition.

To find out more and to register for the challenge go to: F1 Innovation Prize


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“I’ve had ideas when I’ve sat at home and watched motor racing …” says Ross Brawn. Well, Ross, I can’t do that without giving money to Rupert Murdoch. So you’ve identified your first innovation: provide an option, web based or FTA, to allow those like me who think Murdoch is Satan to watch your sport. Then let’s talk about innovation. Seriously, F1 really knows how to ignore the elephant in the room. Punters aren’t totally moronic.


If you want to enhance the viewing experience then first of all make sure the sport is worth watching.

So a budget cap, more possibilities for ‘garagists’ to enter and really compete. More freedom in car design (so innovation is rewarded instead of punished), less steward intervention, less downforce, less complex engines, less of the same old faces participating (because ‘competing’ is not the right word) year after year.

If DRS and pit stops are the only way to overtake something is really wrong.


Most of this ‘added in’ stuff does very little for me whatsoever.

What I really want is good close racing, with little conservative running, broadcast to my home, and I will be much more interested.

Quite often this extra stuff takes up too much time and spoils the broadcast.

For me, the broadcast host (and his/her on site broadcast team) should work out ‘what is important at the time’ and show me the ‘important stuff’ within the broadcast, and leave me to watch the drivers going at at.

If I am flipping through lap charts, and tyre charts, speed maps, and such – I won’t be watching the actual racing, I will be looking at data.

What I want most of all is to watch close racing battles between drivers…….and for me, the more there are the better.

As far as rule changes go, while there are many that could be adjusted…..

For me the rule that could be or should be changed (or adjusted), is that each car should start with 100kg of fuel exactly. Not more or less, but exactly 100kg.

Then there would be no cars starting with low fuel loads, so less fuel conservation when there is no safety car, and perhaps more ‘flat out’ running would be encouraged in an effort to burn off more fuel (to lighten the load).

Sadly, after watching F1 for many decades, I have watched the least this year for many many years…….I still keep in touch, but my interest is starting to wane……



A pictorial history of Formula One Management since 1987:



Grid girls on the track waving the checkered flag, with cars going full throttle, oh just remembered, Bernie has left:) Ok I’ll take good fast racing whenever I can get it, I’ll keep my expectations low for now.


I want an app that lets me avoid the traffic queues, food queues and toilet queues at the French GP


Easy. Watch Aussie Supercars, copy their broadcast, it’s a bingo. Throw in Indycar style on boards too.


I simply can’t get on board with any of this while we’re forced to watch such guff racing.

If we still have fuel saving, cars that can’t pass due to dirty air, utterly ridiculous rules (because the selfish manufacturers have been allowed to dictate ridiculously expensive regs), neutered circuits, loss of great venues, addition of venues no one cares about, etc. etc. then all this just seems like polishing a turd to me.

What exactly have liberty done so far? The only sound decision I’ve seen is appointing Ross. What else have they done?

Added cheese?

The new logo is awful. The graphic design is a joke all round. Who the hell thinks that red text at the start of the race is a good idea? You can’t even read it. Shows how far off the mark they are.

Increased advertising?

The advertising is utterly ridiculous these days. That huge fake Heineken star is a disgrace in my opinion. And that’s even before we consider if beer works well with driving…

The coverage is getting worse too. We’re missing important on track action to watch some bulls**t celebrity in the pits. We lose the sensation of speed because the camera angles have to pick up the advertising as a priority, both in the camera angles of the circuit and in being so zoomed in to the car (again so we can see the advertising) that we simply have no feeling for the pace of the cars.

I’m just at a loss to find anything to be positive about.

Dear Liberty, worry more about the SPORT and less about marketing to kids who won’t give two craps about F1 next week.

To be clear, you are losing viewers hand over fist because the sport has been allowed to be ruined by financial greed. Chasing children with gimmicks is NOT going to help. Are you all drunk? Or is Bratches just here to make as much as possible at any cost?



Also you’ve forgotten about pandering to some nonsensical feminazi agenda that no rational person gives a crap about.

The next time they have a meeting to discuss the future of the sport they should “forget” to invite Bratches.


I’ve got a fantastic idea that will heighten the sensation of Formula 1 in the sound and effects department – GUARANTEED. How about making the engine sounds louder coming from my Brittish made amplifiers and speakers by actually putting some V10 naturally aspirated engines in the cars, instead of these V6 hybrids? It will effectively make the cars SCREAM and viewers on TV will absolutely LOVE the sound! And imagine what the spectators will think at the race track! Absolutely MAD SCREAMING engines that will make everyone’s mouth drop as each car passes! How about that?


Seebee, are you using a new name?


Doesn’t matter. What matters is the idea, and this one is particularly good.


How many of next year’s 200k UK viewers will bother entering?


I’ve got this incredible idea that will revolutionise how the sport is viewed and will bring in millions of new viewers. This can be monetised through strategically placed advertising that appeals to a wide consumer/fan base. Each fan will get to see an entire GP’s action with live commentary and won’t even have to interrupt their viewing experience because camera angles and replays will be all automated – making it a simple and pleasurable viewing experience. It’s direct to the consumer in their own living room and I have called it ‘free to air’. It’s revolutionary.


Bloody Brilliant!!!


This is a brilliant innovation, & I sincerely hope Ross & Co can make it happen, as looking outside the box is a difficult skill.

By bringing input from the outside world, I believe this can only make F1 viewing a better experience.

I have my own ideas, which I believe could improve the overall experience, & would like to enter the competition but I don’t feel I have enough understanding of electronic technology & digital systems to make it worthwhile, but it would allow teams & fans to work together.

So Ross, if you want to test every option, drop me a line.


Well here’s an idea. How about offering a way of viewing past and present races in an easy to use subscription service on line. You know. Like MotoGP have been doing for years! So “fans” don’t have to be a slave to satellite broadcasters.

As a side note. Did anyone watch last weekends MotoGP race in Assen. Top 6 to 8 riders separated by less than a second and the lead of the race changed at least a dozen times. If you have never seen a bike race and watch just one, you can’t get better.


I really want to see old races (80s, 90s 2000s) in broadcast quality. Either online or on bluray.


What the fans want is closer, more competitive racing with multiple teams and drivers capable of winning races.

The current situation where the winner will come from one of two teams and three drivers just doesn’t cut it.

We may get a third team winning if some of the top two teams have multiple drivers have a DNF but any other team on the grid is just making up numbers.

It doesn’t matter how rich the data stream is if the racing is poor, it’s just re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.


Cee Vee,

Do you actually know what F1 is?

Your comment indicates you have no real understanding that F1 is not a spec. series made for anybody to win.

If that’s what you want, watch Indycar or some other formula.

Overall, the brightest & the best will always win.

Two completely different groups will never produce exactly the same thing, so one will always be better.

F1 is about building the best beast possible, that you & I could never handle, & then watching highly skilled individuals tame the beast to do their bidding.

Having 15 cars within a second or two, & a different driver winning each Sunday, is not Formula 1.


Yes you nailed it! And competition within teams. You tell e’m


I don’t know about all these apps and customisations. I suppose they can enhance the experience if done well, but they can also make the sport appear more contrived and more artificial. The Austria trackside and halo graphics is a case in point.

For this reason I’m much more interested in hearing what the proposed rule changes are going to be for 2021. What will they propose to close up the performance gaps between teams? How are they going to enhance the racing? How are they going to bring the cost of the PUs down to attract new manufacturers? How are they going to make the sound half decent? And most importantly what are they going to do to bring back proper, unobstructed onboards?

At the end of the day the fundamentals have to be there, and no app can make up for their absence. Overlaying graphics on top of the halo does not make the halo disappear and it does not give an unobstructed view, for example. Just like increasing the DRS effect does not make the racing more exciting.


New rules for 2021:

1. Replays will have sponsored music by some current, talent shy flavour of the moment.

2. Enhanced in car footage with more data than you can ever look at, each one sponsored by a different evil conglomerate. You won’t be able to see the on track action but at least you’ll know which products to buy.

3. Fans decide on who gets to use the new “Super DRS” by voting on twatter or bacefook or whatever. Super DRS will allow the voted driver to move to the front of the race.

4. Field is cut to 20 drivers and the season is 20 races long. Everyone gets a go on pole so each team can promise their sponsors a day in the sunshine.

5. Drivers must make a mandatory pit stop to down a bottle of alcohol free Heineken.

6. Races will be split into two sprints to maximise marketing opportunities.

7. Fans will have the opportunity to vote if they don’t like the outcome of a race.

8. F1 will start racing on oval circuits.

9. Pirelli will have 50 compounds for drivers to choose from. All of them useless.

10. Cars will have LASERS like at the end of Takeshi’s Castle.


Also all overtaking must be done on the straights with the DRS. Passing into and through corners is not allowed due to possible contact.


How silly of me Luke. I forgot that one. Bang on!


So they are outsourcing their graphics design to more potential developers for cheaper than what they would pay a design company to develop….. Shrewd but smart and willl most likely result in a far better end product.


You know, it’s not an app, but this triggered a thought: What if, instead of rigidly fixed camera emplacements for in-car views, the cameras were embedded in slightly malleable rubber (or another equivalent) on each side, so that they were able to mildly respond to the G forces in much the same way the driver’s head is being asked to? As a car snaps right and the camera snaps left, the speed and “weight” of the movement is then communicated through the camera.


Wow…talk a about classic F1 over engineering a solution to a problem that someone already solved.

A rubber camera mount, so the camera jiggles around, to “enhance the sense of speed”??? Lmao

Here’s one for F1 engineers to wrap their heads around….why not just strap a go-pro to a drivers helmet??? You know, like Indycar has been doing for over 5 years now


Tornillo Amarillo

I have just one idea: Every season each team must put in each car, the dates they chose, a “Guest Driver”, mandatory, a person is not at the moment driving as a permanent seat or doing swaps with current drivers.

Not permanent drivers like Kubica, or a motoGP person, whoever.

A swap should be fantastic, like Ric driving a Ferrari or Hamilton a Williams!

Thrilling to watch!


£million car in the hands of a first season rookie or known crasher, gets written off. Are you going to pay?


What happened to just watching and enjoying motor racing? I don’t think any other global sport navel gazes and fiddles so much as F1. Let teams innovate and let us watch and engage with the show.


Too many sofa experts watching. Some of them hardly watch the cars, they’re looking at timing screens and gobbing off on twatter


Double dip

Get rid of Skys monopoly and bring back F1 to the masses for F1 fan experience “Bring it back to the masses”. FREEDOM…..!

(Okay I’ve had a few Sherberts🎵🍺😁)


Sounds interesting 👍

Lets get Silverstone out way first 👌