Ferrari going for it in F1 British Grand Prix: New engine to maximise chances on high speed track
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Posted By: James Allen  |  28 Jun 2017   |  10:57 am GMT  |  462 comments

The high speed flowing Silverstone circuit should suit the Ferrari and to make sure that they give themselves the best chance of coming away with a British Grand Prix win, the team has decided to roll out the latest version of the 2017 engine that weekend.

It will be the third engine of the season, with Sebastian Vettel having a scare in Baku at the weekend with a coolant leak which necessitated an engine change before qualifying back to the original race engine from earlier in the season, which has done almost 5,000km.

He will use the second engine in Austria next weekend after it was returned to Maranello and analysed.

Both Ferraris will then have the third engine for Silverstone on July 14-16, which is a real power circuit and where the efficient aerodynamics of the car should really show through. Ferrari has won the British Grand Prix only twice in the last decade.

There have also been clarifications from the FIA technical department behind the scenes on oil burning in engines and there were suggestions in Baku that this was something that affects Ferrari more than its rivals. Version three of the engine will no doubt also address these questions.

Pirelli has also made a move with regards to Silverstone, switching the tyre specification to softer tyres. We will not see the hard tyre again, one suspects, as they accept that the 2017 tyres are too hard and start to bring the softer compounds to races. Silverstone is a high load circuit, but this year we will see Supersoft, Soft and Medium tyres for the race and later in the season on tracks like Spa and Suzuka we are likely to see a similar approach.

Vettel needs to regroup

There is some dismay that the ‘red mist’ Vettel returned on Sunday, the one which was last seen swearing on the radio at FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting during a testy end to the 2016 campaign.

This season he has been very calm and clinical in taking his opportunities in qualifying and the races. But on Sunday, enraged by contact after what he perceived to be Hamilton slowing down on corner exit ahead of a Safety car restart, he drove alongside and banged wheels with the Mercedes driver.

Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel

He was cautioned after Mexico as to his future behaviour and there are some who feel that the FIA should have been stronger with him after Baku, as the image of a driver deliberately driving into a competitor out of pique, doesn’t play well with the FIA’s Road Safety messaging.

Whilst it is true that this is an unwelcome precedent for F1, the comparisons with road safety do become rather stretched as there are many things that happen under racing conditions on a circuit that wouldn’t be acceptable on the roads, not least the extreme speeds which are the basic premise of the sport itself.

Meanwhile Toto Wolff has calmed things on a corporate level in the last days, saying that there is no spat between Ferrari and Mercedes and that they have a good relationship, which will not change.

The feeling is that it is good for business if there is a bit of edge between the title rival drivers (and one hopes that Vettel will not be booed at Silverstone after what happened in Baku)

Dr Zetsche, Mercedes

But Ferrari and Mercedes have bigger fish to fry together.

The new owners of F1, Liberty Media, are starting to roll out their plans and strategies for the growth of the sport, but the top teams are also pushing back, wanting more freedom to exploit their own brands and stars for themselves. There is a long way to run on this. To what extent are the big teams obliged to help promote the sport generally and to what extent can they act unilaterally?

Wolff appeared in a panel at the FIA Sport Conference last week with F1 CEO Chase Carey and notably observed that “I wouldn’t want to be in Chase’s shoes”, with regards to satisfying all the various parties, stakeholders and broadcasters in F1.

And of course the elephant in the room is the payment to the teams from F1’s prize funds.

The top teams are prepared to accept a modest move towards a more fair distribution after 2020, but the real fight will come when that gets down into the details. The sport should have grown by then so the teams should be sharing a larger stake anyway, but there are signs that Ferrari and Mercedes, knowing their worth and having seen this all coming for some time, are going to flex their muscles on all levels.

British GP 2016
British GP timetable revealed: Cars to run on Thursday

Meanwhile Silverstone has confirmed the timetable for this year’s British GP weekend from July 13-16 and, as rumoured at the Baku weekend, there will be track action on the Thursday as well as plenty of entertainment off track. But at this stage it is only F2 and GP3 cars, not any running for F1 cars.

This seems to be part of a wider long term strategy to put more around the GP weekend to give promoters more of a chance to recoup their money.

FIA Formula 2 and GP3 cars will run on Thursday afternoon and later that evening Travis will play on the main stage. Entry for Thursday is £40 (£20 for children).

The weekend will build up to the British GP at 1pm on Sunday.

Some Silverstone updates:

Tickets still available from £40 (Thursday general admission)
General admission for all children aged 10 and under is FREE
Sunday general admission is available for £185
Sunday grandstand seats available from £260

As for the wider music offering: Sara Cox will be headlining on Friday night as she presents ‘Just Can’t Get Enough 80s’ DJ Set with guests, Reef & The Hoosiers will be headlining the Saturday night concert and the Rick Parfitt Jr Band will be playing at the British Grand Prix After Party on Sunday, with drop ins from F1 drivers. All of the concerts from Friday are included on the days’ tickets.

For more information or to book please visit

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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Fake news! Ferrari are not burning oil, it is Mercedes who are suspected.


Technical errors?


Ferrari and to a lesser extent Mercedes have enjoyed an unfair distribution of money for a long time. Real sportsmen would welcome the chance to level the playing field and give real value to victory once again.


Simple question for those supporting vettel – had the roles been reversed, would you feel the same?

Going further, had it been sainz and palmer how would this situation be viewed. Especially after the stewards inquiry. Personally I believe once Lewis is involved many lose high level brain functions. Critical thinking is abandoned for more primitive emotional responses. It’s a shame when right/wrong takes a back sit depending on the parties involved.


Pic 1, no brakes 51 kph.


Apologies, pic 1 and 2 are the same, this is the real pic 1!


No it isn’t! I give up, that’s pic 8 again! The real pic 1 is similar to pic2, just a bit further back on the track. I’m sure you all get the picture, no braking, steady speed, nothing g erratic, etc etc…


Pic2, no brakes 51 kph


Pic3, no brakes 55kph


Pic4, no brakes 55kph.


Pic5, no brakes 54kph.


Pic 6, no brakes, 53 kph


Pic7, no brakes 53kph.


With all the down-force a F1 car has: just rolling without throttle is aero-dynamical braking. Some engineer may give a number how much negative G-force is on a modern F1 car when you take away throttle.

I wish someone creates a time machine and warp to a time without telemetry data and when cars had a lower down-force. I bet 99% of the non LHFC viewers would have said brake testing.


We know Lewis complained about the slow speed of the safety car, and just before the incident the safety car could be seen down the road still on track.
I know the leading car cannot overtake the safety car, but what is the penalty if the leading car overtook the safety car just before it entered the pit lane?


Pic 8, point of contact, no brakes 53kph.


People are still banging on about brake testing and Lewis apparently slowing down on the corner exit, so I thought I would help out by sharing some pics from the onboard video of Lewis’ car. There are eight pics that roughly conincidecwith the eight tenths of a second that elapses between Lewis coming off the brake and the point of contact.


vettel banned for the rest of the season, alonso takes his seat. what an exciting season?


Hi James
Do you think HAAS will get same upgrade for Silverstone?


A customer! Getting the same engine as a works team! That’s not how Formula PU works now is it! (as Bottas passes Stroll like an LMP1 car passes a CT car) 😉

Sadly, the best upgrade that HASS could do with is sorting Rom Gro and his brake issues or replace him.

Lasse Andkjaer DK

Arent engine suppliers obliged to deliver the same engine’s to their customers as they use themselves?
Then customers as HAAS must do their own mapping of the engine. And mapping can also make a huge difference.


Good question

Probably a race or two later but will check


The high speed flowing Silverstone circuit should suit the Ferrari

I thought the shorter Ferrari chassis was more suited to tight twisty circuits and the fast flowing circuits would play into Mercedes hands. Have I got that wrong? Happy to be corrected 🙂


I guess Ferrari must be positive that their next PU is a good step forward in comparaison to the present ones in use to bring it so early in the season.
it seems likely that they will have to take on penalties eventually toward the later part of the season, but hopefuly not as many as some here seem to hope for. I get the feeling that they hold such hope because they don’t think Hamilton can win the WDC otherwise.
Regarding the FIA meeting on Monday, even though l agree that Vettel was wrong to do what he did, l hope if they choose to punish him some more, it won’t be as sever as a race ban. if they do, it will be interesting to see who will substitute in Vettel’s car.
So component penalties, race ban and booing in the cards. So much the sweeter if Vettel still goes on to win it all at the end no?
With regards to the booing part. If, assuming he is there to race, Vettel finished on the top step in Silverstone, l doubt the booing if it comes will bother him much. Marc


If the baying hounds boo him he should smile and boo straight back at them. An appropriate response one would think. He did wrong, he was penalised and the incident should now be filed away. hamilton should thank his ‘luck’ that he was clever enough to get away with his provocation without any penalty.


Keeps the story going


And now Vettels replacement for one race :
Ferrari driver no. 6
Formula one’s Champion of the World , Nicoooooooooo Rosbergggggg !
Boy , would i love to see the look on Hamliton’s face !


Is it merely a case James of the British media milking the incident for all its worth and the hope they can force the FIA into extra penalties for Vettel or is it just noise?


Someone had to say this 🙂 It is plainly obvious. If Seb ends up with the title, after all of this, it would indeed be even sweeter for him.




Good to see you commentating on the official F1 site vids, James.
Though it seems we haven’t heard you lately in the press conferences?


@ james hahaha you must love the traffic! Did you by any chance give Vettel a ‘bung’?


Be funny if vettel given a race ban for Silverstone. Who would replace him ?


What will be funny is Vettel getting a race ban for Austria and then Hamilton having a DNF at the race it will be beyond comedy.


Let’s be honest, Hamilton tried to get Vettel out of balance before the restart as the leading car often does, and he was successful at it. The only reason Vettel should feel bad is because he lost his chance at the win by losing his cool, not because he banged wheels with Hamilton.


As usual, biased british press and fan chasing a German driver. Bottas and Max have ruined Ferrari’s race several times this year but are yet to be penalized.


Honestly how the stewards came to the decision of not penalising Bottas baffles me, saying Raikkonen made a speculative move.
When onboard shows Kimi outbraking Bottas into the corner, and Bottas realising too late and still tries to make the corner by going over the kerbs.

Tornillo Amarillo

Who replace Vettel if he gets a ban?
Giovicrashzzi? 🙂




Re: Oil Burning
Since the have the peashooter engines that have to be assisted by electric motors to get anywhere, lets at least have them smell like the old days; let them burn a castor oil additive. A little blue smoke wouldn’t hurt either.


The heady whiff of Castrol R – that brings back memories!


@ Warley…My brother and i both club raced MG’s and my Morgan during the late 50’s and we used to mix our fuel at home. The best additive we could find was methyl benzene and it worked very very well. The smell of that fuel when burnt was sweet and not unpleasant. Your comment reminded me of that. Thanks for the memory jog.


Perhaps Hamilton runs better this year compared to last year, losing the title to Nico!
Nico, the intelligent intellectual, speaks five languages, college education, smart fast in F1, believes Hamilton felt inferior to Nico in his own life. Not in the race car, but not the same self-esteem as Nico, it made a difference! Nico World Champion!
Now, this year, Hamilton has developed as a human being, making a difference…..


Hamilton’s is not having mechanical problems left right and cemtre this season as opposed to last,otherwise Rosberg would have been whooped as badly as the previous seasons. Neither drivers went to university, so don’t try to imply that Rosberg did.Both were educated to secondary level ; Rosberg an international school in Monaco, and Hamilton, British Grammar school with additional paid for private tuition at home as i noticed in a documentary. Were Mercedes to promote Rosberg to a position ahead of Hamilton on the grounds of intelligence (and they would never do that), Hamilton of course will sue them for racial discrimination and he will win his case as in a sport where intelligence matters, they will struggle to explain away Rosberg’s 3-1 defeat at the hands of Hamilton over 4 seasons. Rosberg said of Hamilton ‘ he is a very smart guy’,and he would know. A discontented and unhappy human being can’t be effective at work as Hamilton is. It is Rosberg who retired for a happier balance.



Ricciardo Aficionado

I hope Vettel read the piece on JAonF1 about his bish-bosh moment and realises that over half the fans find all the media hysteria over his actions laughable.


Ra, a source for your numbers?

Ricciardo Aficionado

You an count them yourself Tim.


Ra, I have, nothing like half. Not even close to 50% making any kind of comment on “media hysteria”.

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