Lewis drives his F1 car – remote control!
Lewis drives his F1 car – remote control!
Posted By:   |  10 Mar 2009   |  10:05 am GMT  |  14 comments

If you liked that James Bond sequence where he drove the BMW Q had given him using by remote control using his phone, you’ll enjoy this wacky bit of video.

I remember a few years ago F1 engineers were talking about how it was possible for an F1 car to drive itself. Well take a look at this. It’s a Vodafone viral for the Blackberry Storm, but it shows McLaren are getting funkeeeee!

And please, no comments about how it might be faster than the car they’ve got at the moment!


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cool… hamilton need to touch up his rc driving skill… hahaha… if f1 ever thinking about designing a touch screen steering wheel…


rpaco: haha. it seems like a lot of fun in the UK.Here in my country, Indonesia, motor sport is still a toddler. We’ve just had the 4th racing drivers to get his Grade A FIA license. The best we’ve ever achieved is to make an entry on A1 GP championship.


Ace: Yeah they were models up to about 2 foot long with petrol/diesel engines I think up to about 4 or 5cc. The winner depended upon the skill of the driver more than anything. I used to take the kids to watch from the bridge above the track every Sunday morning, it was out the front of and a short distance from the swimming pool. Probably a health and safety closure now though. Amazing that motor racing is still allowed at all in the UK. The fact that it very much safer on the track than on the road is unlikely to penetrate the skulls of the fun police. (I did have quite a job convincing the wife too! 😉


Rpaco: Yeah, but those were model cars right? Not full scaled cars?


We used to do something like that on Sunday mornings at Crystal Palace model race track.


Ehhhmm, sorry for the double post, but this has just crossed my mind …

What if … 10 years from now, we will have the drivers put together in one big room, all in their simulated cockpit, and they control the cars from there. That way, if one’s car hit someone else’s car they can easily yell “oi, mate! are you blind or something?”… haha …

Just a crazy thought. I don’t think the drivers would ever ever let formula one become a big scale RC cars GP anyway.


That is … That is … nsanely coo … No..no..no… If there’s a word beyond cool,that’s the one I’m going to use …

Brilliant, genuine piece of work … It’s an art, really …

And yeah James, Jon is right. It might be faster than the one they’ve got at the moment. lol …


It might be faster then the car they got at the moment. Sorry James. 🙂


Haha, funny. Anyone notices the fake computer screen in the video? Windows 95 recycle bin + Mac-style browser widgets. Wonder why it’s so rare that we just see a *real* computer set up.


Brilliant. Thanks for posting. Might improve on driver safety but I think car repair bills would go way over budget.


Not a word I’d normally use but……………. WICKED!!

Also, it would definitely improve driver safety…

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